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August 2005: Beth Geisel, Illegal Aliens, Newspapers, Recession

Pictured: Beth Geisel, one of several teachers arrested for having sex with students. (August 2005, screenshot from Capital News 9) The big international news item that month was Hurricane Katrina.

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My root canal was finally done Friday (except for the crown) so I decided to perform some offline computer maintenance. As I was deleting non-essentials from the harddrive I ran across HTTrack, an old program I'd forgotten about. When I clicked on it, there was the entire first year of my first Blog*spot blog! I copied it at a time when I was into "back-ups," right after XiaXue's blog was hacked and destroyed.

Looking back to August 2005, I found some remarkable stuff I'll summarize here. At that time my blog was in its "buttons, badges, doo-dads, memes, viral links" stage that we still find bloggers engaged in today. I guess it's just a phase you have to go through. Here are some of the "bloglines" - what is sadly funny is that these then-"current" articles still stand up today!

Recipe for Economic Disaster
Greenspan says the bottom might fall out of the housing market.
Hurricane Katrina whacks crude oil refineries in the USA. Gasoline prices soar. Because of the high prices, more motorists are putting their gas purchases on their credit cards...
We're headed for a BIG setback, folks! D-E-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N.
Don't think so?
Wait until people start losing their homes.
Wait until they try to unload the SUV's.
I'll betcha 2003,4,5 models will go for a couple grand or less!
Or they'll sit in driveways while the owners make the $400 or $500 dollars a month payments...

Jeong Hye Jin & The New York Times
Nearly every weekend, The New York Times runs a story that either directly or indirectly involves blogging and/or bloggers. This weekend the paper zeroes in on 15-year old Korean blogger Jeong Hye-jin. I'm somewhat amused to see lots of search engine queries about this young girl, people trying to locate her blog. I'm going to guess that her blog is hosted on a Korean server and is possibly written in Korean, which is why people are having a hard time finding it. Because I've featured other bloggers in my posts from time to time, I have received almost 40 e-mails about Ms. Hye-jin since the Times story came out. All of the e-mails wanted to know one thing and one thing only: the URL for Jeong Hye-jin's blog. If I find the link I'll post it.All that was Saturday. Sunday, the Times was back in the blog groove:While some wonder if, in 10 years, the blog may go the route of the CB radio, others have expanded the log universe to make it THEIR universe... as demonstrated in the Sunday edition of the Times in a piece entitled Do You MySpace?

Border Control, New York Style
We may find out tomorrow whether a family of illegal aliens will be deported. Border patrol agents are on their way to Washington County, where a 51-year old Hudson Falls man was killed when an SUV filled with illegals turned into his path on State Route 4Daniel Irwin of Hudson Falls had just picked up a new 2005 Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycle from a North country dealership. An experienced motorcyclist, Irwin was hours away from going on a dream vacation planned by his soldier son who had just come home from Iraq. Irwin died last night at Glens Falls Hospital from injries he sustained in the 6:20pm collision.Police identified the driver who hit Irwin as REYER ARUERO, a Mexican in the US illegally, who initially gave police a driver's licencse bearing the name David Zavala. The license had been issued by New York State on the weight of fraudulent documents Areuero had obtained in TEXAS. Police had to summon a Spanish teacher from a local school to translate during questioning after the crash. Aruero's wife and at least one of his children were in the SUV. No one in the SUV was hurt. Irwin was travelling at the legal speed of 55mph when the SUV crossed his path. He hit the SUV right between the front and rear seats.In trying to learn Areuero's fate, I telephoned US Immigration. They told me to call back Monday. The Washington County Sheriff's Department passed the buck over to the officers at the Washington County Jail. A Sargeant at the Jail told me that Aruero is NOT THERE and he doesn't believe Aruero was arrested.THIS LINK points to the original story that appears in the Post-Star. The link may not stay live. Interesting to note that they don't bother to mention Aruero is an illegal alien until the end of the story, which in the print version is BURIED way in the back of the paper!

Speaking of Newspapers, here's part of a post written about the changing role of newspapers struggling to cope with the Internet: * The New Information Age began around 1999. The critical event was the making of a star, Christina Aguilera, by use of the Internet. Soon, the downloading of pirated music CDs (and a bit later on, Movies) chnaged the face of so-called "Top 40" music and the radio FOREVER:When executives at RCA Records were plotting ways to create buzz around teen pop singer Christina Aguilera's debut album, they knew the Internet would play a crucial role.The trick was marketing Ms. Aguilera without making teens feel they were actually being marketed to. On a 1-10 scale, Internet marketer Ken Krasner says, teens "have their B.S. detectors on 11."So RCA hired a team of young cybersurfers to swarm the Web and start chatting about the 18-year-old Ms. Aguilera on popular teen Internet sites such as, and They postedinformation casually -- sometimes sounding like fans, sometimes like official spokesmen -- but always making sure not to come off as lame adults trying to be cool or marketers pitching a product.It worked. Thanks in large part to the advance buzz online, the album "Christina Aguilera" was No. 1 on the charts when it debuted in late August. (Source)Doesn't sound like much of a big deal, does it? But that's the day "Top 40" died. Today's so-called "Top 40" does not accurately reflect what music the general public is listening to.

My August 2005 blog featured multiple posts about Albany area teacher Beth Geisel, a hot blonde who admitted having sex with boys at the military school where she was employed. A single post about Geisel brought 20-thousand visitors to my blog over a 9-hour time period, such was, and is, netizen's interest in sex.

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