Monday, August 27, 2007

Rise, O Citizen Journalist!

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What’s going on at Global Voices Advocacy? LOTS...

"During the last six months, since the launch of Global Voices Advocacy, we have been trying to cover the increasingly serious threats to online speech occurring around the globe and the efforts to combat them. We’ve documented the arrest and detention of scores of bloggers and online authors and highlighted several anti-censorship campaigns, reports of Internet censorship, blocked blogs and websites. Our coverage so far has included stories on 25 nations, as well as exclusive interviews with activists and bloggers focused on free speech issues, in addition to an in-depth survey of online censorship cases that rarely receive media attention."

Advox: is the newsletter of Global Voices Advocacy blog. Advox is available free to charge to anyone who subscribes.

403 Access Denied Checker: this early alpha release is a useful piece of software that scans a large number of URLs and finds the ones that your country has banned.

Keso (China) commented on the recently passed “code of self-regulation of blog service”. More than a dozen of local blog service providers have signed the code which would demand real name registration of bloggers. The blogger doubted whether such “self-regulation” would really work… (zh)

Medallo Bloguero [ES], through the use of Custom Player, has placed a Video Channel on its page and features Colombia-related videos.

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