Friday, August 24, 2007

Safe and sound…:)


Good to hear that many of our blogging buddies South of the Border are okay after that huge hurricane! Bettina Perroni blogs that although there were some very tense moments, she was glad when the storm had passed:
"La unica radio que operaba dió información valiosa. Hablaba de mucho desastre y lo peor, que el mar estaba invadiendo la isla. Eso era lo peor que podía suceder y estaba sucediendo. Las dos carreteras que nos comunican con el resto del país fueron cerradas- ni para donde correr-. Tampoco había suministro de agua. Había gente en plena oscuridad viviendo momentos tormentosos. Sin duda, estábamos corriendo con mucha suerte al vivir en una zona alta, protegida y con varias lámparas de mano a disposición.

No quisiera que ustedes escucharan ese sonido de viento feroz, esa lluvia tan espesa que no dejaba ver absolutamente nada. Escuchar como volaban cosas, árboles que caían. Fueron momentos feos que se intensificaron cuando el huracán tomó fuerza al salir al Golfo de México." "The best thing: To listen to those familiar voices reporting that all are well, to receive messages of affection from friends, to see the sun again… the sun and the sea in calm."
Mexico has reopened two of its three main oil ports following Hurricane Dean, but officials say production remains suspended as they assess the storm's impact on the industry.

“It actually feels wrong to complain about the ‘agony’ of waiting 4 days to get back electricity just so that I can watch tv and surf the net. After all, there are people who survived the hurricane and are still trying to figure out where they are going to live.”

Steve’s Dominica sees signs that the island is returning to normal after Hurricane Dean.

CityGirl blogs about surviving Hurricane Dean in Jamaica.
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Bettina Perroni said...


I was lucky. It is sad to know that there were victims and many damages caused by this situation.

It is right, the oil industry was very affected due to the suspension of oil & gas production. We have a lot of work to back to normal operations after Hurricane Dean.

Thank you Dave!

A hug for you

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