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Around The Blogosphere 27 September 07

Blog of the Day: :: SachaL :: E-Business, Innovation & Open spirit in Elsass
Vendredi dernier, le Best-Café a été envahi par quelques 30 à 40 bloggeurs pour la seconde rencontre de la Blogosphère Strasbourgeoise. Je suis très content car la soirée s’est très bien passée. J’ai eu beaucoup de réactions positives le soir sur place, mais aussi par email et sur d’autres blogs. J’en déduis que le concept plaît et c’est tant mieux. [more...]

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Bettina Perroni: “La palabra no es necesaria para expresar lo que siente el corazón”- Nadie podría demostrarlo mejor que el legendario mimo francés Marcel Marceau. [continues]

Yes I did watch last night's episode of Kid Nation... Lindsay Robertson - "I wrote about this week's Kid Nation again for NY Mag's The Vulture: Kid Nation: Fresh Meat. I can't believe they left in my description of Greg. Awesome.
Kid Nation’: Fresh Meat

via Bloguer ou ne pas bloguer ? - Joyeux anniversaire, Google ! Où Horacio répondrait à la question que semblait poser le PetitDragon dans Anniversaire Google : c’est quand ? Le 9e anniversaire de Google est aussi chez Pointblog.

Global Voices: A demonstration will be held in Cairo, Egypt, at 9pm on Friday in protest against the jailing of journalists and in solidarity with the workers on strike, reports Abna Masr (Ar). The demonstration has been called for by opposition movement Kifaya.

The 23-years old Polish computer programmer Marek W. might face up to three years in prison for having created a Googlebombing software linking Polish President Lech Kaczynski’s website to the word “kutas” meaning penis in Polish.

It’s “hunt-the-editor” season! In two weeks 5 editors-in-chief and 3 journalists working for opposition newspapers have been arrested and sentenced to jail and/or a big fine, reports Hatshepsut from Egypt.

Freddy Deknatel takes a look at how a blogger is covering Egypt's workers strike in this post. Global Voices Online earlier reported the unrest here.

Caribbean Free Radio snags the first-ever interview with the secret blogger claiming to be the Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago.

and Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al Yousif reports about two girls in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, who sprayed the notorious religious police with pepper spray.

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