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So, what is BarCamp? BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants. Here's what to expect at a BarCamp. The name BarCamp was inspired as a complement to FooCamp.

Here are videos that capture the essence of BarCamp. Take a look at video summaries from BarCamp SF, What is a BarCamp , BarCamp Austin andBarCampOrlando.

Join the BarCamp Mailing List or read the blog.

Nico: "I’m at the Wixi presentation at Barcamp Buenos Aires. It’s an online application that allows you to store all your media. First thing I thought when I saw it was “this is the google OS!”. The desktop is very similar to a desktop in your computer, with the added value of being able to embed media, and even complete folders, to other websites. Sounds extremely interesting. I hope they give us beta invites :)"

Read about... organizing, hosting and then get familiar with the rules. If you write code at BarCamp, consider licensing it under the BarCampLicense.

Upcoming BarCamp events:

Oct, 5th-6th - BarCampSanMarcos San Marcos, TX USA
Oct, 9th - FacebookCampToronto2 - Toronto, ON, CA
Oct, 12th-13th -
BarCampAtlanta - Atlanta,GA,USA
Oct, 12th-13th - BarCamp for Digital Imaging and Video (aka DIVcamp)
Oct, 13th-14th BarCampMilwaukee2 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Oct. 13th-14th- HackmeetingSanFrancisco - San Francisco, CA, USA
Oct. 13th-14th-
InfoCamp Seattle - Seattle, WA, USA
Oct. 19th-21st -
BetaThetaPiCamp - Tuscaloosa, AL, USA
Oct. 27th - ArbCamp - Ann Arbor, MI
Oct. 28th -
MobileCampLA - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Nov. 1st -
Hispanic Barcamp - Miami, FL. -
Nov. 3rd- 4th - BayAreaDrupalCamp - UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA

FooCamp -
minibar -
BarCampTokyo -
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