Friday, September 28, 2007

Free Fall

Tonight say a prayer for Carlos Gamboa, a popular blogger in the Spanish-speaking blogosphere who lost his 12 year old daughter in an terrible accident in Colombia on Wednesday. His wife and 5 year old child are now in the hospital. Bettina Perroni has posted Caida-Libre on her blog [es]. She says "Carlos is very popular in our community, many bloggers are very sad for this fatality." and dedicated the post to Carlos. Below is the English translation.

"In silence, in solitude... standing on the rocky cliffs where the sea crashes
In a free fall without any doubt to be with you dear friend".

I didn´t want to believe it,
I just close my eyes, my hand and I pray for your strength.
my deepest sympathy "

With all my respects dedicated to my friend Carlos Gamboa.
-Bettina Perroni

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1 comment:

Bettina Perroni said...

Thank you for this post Dave.

A good weekend for you :)

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