Saturday, September 22, 2007

Melayu Bogel

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One of the brightest "passengers" on the Technorati Train is one named "Melayu Bogel." MB has generated several "spamblogs" and has freaky people searching high and low, scrubbing the Net for any bit of info or photo. So, what or who is this Melayu Bogel?
The author of SevenMonday blog THOUGHT he or she figured it all out, and even gave the wrong blog credit for "breaking" the story:
"The picture you see here seemed to be beautiful and sexy Melayu Bogel. Melayu Bogel is a famous Malaysian pop star. This blog says you can get her albums online, but it does not give the link to buy the album..."
Perhaps the real source of the Melayu Bogel brouhaha is here:

Anis Nazri
Tue | Jun 19, 07 | 06:43:07 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 Jun (Hrkh) - Gejala pelajar Institut Pengajian Tinggi Awam (IPTA) melibatkan diri dalam aktiviti sosial seperti menjadi GRO bukan perkara baru dalam masyarakat, malah ia masih berterusan sehingga hari ini setelah didedahkan media sebelum ini.

Gejala itu dilihat berterusan apabila tiadanya pihak penguatkuasaan daripada pihak universiti terbabit bagi membendung masalah ini, yang semakin membarah dan terus meruntuhkan institusi pendidikan negara ini.

Ketua Muslimat PAS, Nuridah Salleh, berkata jika pihak pentadbiran IPTA di bawah seliaan Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi tidak memandang berat perkara ini, gejala menjelekkan itu tidak akan diselesaikan dengan kadar segera.

Kita menyedari banyak sebab yang menjadi punca mengapa perkara ini berlaku. Antaranya sikap pelajar-pelajar itu sendiri yang tidak mempunyai pegangan agama. Kalau ada pegangan agama yang kukuh, mereka tidak akan melakukannya walau apa jua alasannya. Lebih parah, apabila pihak berkuasa tidak mengambil apa-apa langkah untuk membendung masalah ini,” tegas beliau kepada Harakahdaily."[continued...]

Whatever the case, it's more much ado about nothing! More internet nonsense, almost as bad as that idiotic "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award that every newbie female blogger on the planet has been "awarded." Such an embarassment! Don't be duped ! I've read post after post after post by female bloggers who are so honored and appreciative and believe they are "special" because they have this "award." The award is bestowed, it seems, mostly to newbies and link-hogs, without regard to content, post frequency or blog history. Notice A-List fem bloggers aren' t carrying the badge for this nonsense... they know better!

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  1. Guys... Melayu refers to the Malay race. Bogel means naked in the Malay language.

    I.E: "Melayu Bogel" means "Naked Malay". Its no suprise that this term is highly searched for


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