Thursday, September 06, 2007

Return of the Native

Nothing ruffles my feathers more: someone makes a stupid comparison (like that "Internet is the new punk rock" article - scroll down to the next post) or some self-proclaimed "expert" who has no grasp of the true facts. My case in point is of local significance: people who claim to know the history of pop (radio) music in the Albany area, who are clueless when you mention "Return of the Native" or "Communication" or "Myddle Class" or "Tim Rose." These same folk mistakenly believe "Midnight Confessions" was a GrassRoots original! While you're pondering this, if you are an Albany resident or a local music/radio historian, what was the only radio ststaion that remained on the air during the fabled "Big Blackout" of the 1960s and what was the ONLY top 40 song they played throughout the duration of their blackout coverage?

Lotsa stuff going on, locally, with Senator Joe Bruno announcing Million$ being made available to shore up Amtrak, particularly the Albany to New York City corridor. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo holding a news conference later this morning in Albany, promising a "major announcement." Then there's the pending sale and destruction of Troy City Hall. Should be a verrrrry interesting day! Watch out for bears!

Italian tenor Pavarotti is dead at age 71. R.I.P. - Pav did for Opera what Nuryev did for Ballet.... hmmm.... you really don't hear too much about ballet in the mainstream press these days... weatherwise the news is we return to the hazy hot humid days of summer beginning this afternoon and lasting right through Monday... I'm ready for that!

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localTVanchor said...

Hi Dave - I think I've been around a lot longer than you - I KNOW the answers to all of questions! I'll just answer the last one and leave the rest for others to guess - You WILL be posting the correct answers, won't you?

WTRY 980 Am was the only local station on the air during the blackout. i spent most of the night listening to the radio in my dad's car. I heard stations from Texas, Canada and many distant places. During a break in WTRY's blackout coverage, they played "Baby Don't Go" by Sonny and Cher.

Keep up the good work!

theReporter said...

Governor Spitzer barked "Get a life, buddy" to an upstate TV reporter yesterday after being hit with a flurry of questions about the plot by his aides to discredit Senate GOP Leader Joe Bruno.

Binghamton station WBNG reported last night that the embattled governor became "short and defensive" as questions were put to him about Troopergate and the role his communications director Darren Dopp - who grew up near the upstate city - played in the scandal.

When anchor-reporter Justin Moss asked Spitzer if he was "worried" about Dopp's testimony in ongoing probes, Spitzer reportedly said: "Not in the slightest bit. Any other questions? ... Anything about something that matters?"

Moss told The Associated Press Spitzer "caught me off guard for sure" when he snapped at him. "I kind of backed off."

Spitzer spokesman Paul Larrabee said Moss was "overly aggressive" and wasn't asking questions that were "on topic" when the governor visited a high school in Vestal, a Binghamton suburb.

But Senate Investigations Committee Chairman George Winner accused Spitzer of "arrogance," adding, "If he wants to get this behind him, it's time for him to testify under oath and in public."

Spitzer's confrontation with Moss comes a month after he told an upstate Chautauqua audience: "Power untethered from humility is certain to fail."

Anonymous said...

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