Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fear No Google

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Kudos to blogger Bobby Revell, who has achieved a PageRank of 4! We're not exactly "bosom blogging buddies" because I disagree with Revell's methods of gathering ratings points, but having said that, he's proven himself as a serious humanitarian blogger. He's done his fair share of networking and has made many friends, who have come together in sort of a little "mini-cimmunity." Funny thing is, he recently posted how much he hates Google! All you Google-fearing people take note! Now here's the link to Bobby's main blog... if you're into "communities" he's also a MyBlogLog member and a Facebooker. From time to time he writes some amazing stuff, and when he does, comment on it, link to it, and maybe we can get him up to a PR6 in spite of himself!

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mr fong said...

Hahaha, yes you're right, Revell rocks.

Trinity said...

Oh well... fear no google! haha.. fear Bobby instead as he can beat that google! Yay Bobby Yay!!!

Dave thanks for your kind comments, you have an interesting blog as well... hope we can keep in touch and be friends!

Trinity from Rooms of My Heart

Dave Lucas said...

Thanks for coming by, people!

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