Saturday, November 24, 2007

Around The Blogosphere 24 November 07

All is well here following Thanksgiving & Black Friday. It's Saturday morning but seems more like a Monday... I'm glad to have two extra "days off" and this little mini-vacation has been a rewarding one for me so far. Back in Albany today, it was quite cold when we arrived at 6:15 AM, just 13 degrees (F) but with no wind it didn't really FEEL all that cold! I didn't select a blog of the day for today: why don't YOU pick one? Scroll down my sidebar and check out two or three of the wonderful blogs and bloggers listed there. If you see question marks or boxes, that means those blogs may be in Chinese, Japanese or Arabic and your computer isn't outfitted with the fonts needed for proper viewing. If you'd like they can be downloaded for free from microsoft (just Google!)
If you are a blogger, check out MyBlogLog. It's been absorbed by Yahoo, so now I can use the same 'key" to unlock the front doors to MyBlogLog, Flickr, Wretch and Yahoo! I'm really delighted to be in the Google and Yahoo families! I'm also blogging just a bit on LiveJournal and regret I haven't had the time to get as fully involved in LJ as I'd like. Someday, when time permits...
Vivir México [es] writes about the agreement signed by Mexico City government and a the ZTE Corporation to provide free wi-fi throughout the city:

El proyecto busca que en 2008 el Distrito Federal tenga internet inalámbrico gratuito para sus habitantes, por lo que el Gobierno capitalino ya firmó un convenio con ZTE Corporation, con una inversion de 100 millones de dólares.
Life in the Armenian Diaspora reports that HaShiSh, an Armenian punk rock band from South America, is touring the U.S.

As new things begin, old things must end. Sokari writes on BlackLooks: The Somali LGBT community have launched a website in the UK which is brilliant news following their formation in 2005. The site is comprehensive with a forum and chat rooms, advice and news.
The aim of starting this group is to create a space and medium for somalian gay and lesbians to access information, share experiences and develop support networks. (more)Tip: also check out Web_20_made_in_africa

End of an entity: Findory shuts down.
The website will no longer carry news, blogs, videos, podcasts, or favorites. The daily e-mails will cease. To ease the transition for users of Findory Inline and the Findory API, empty feeds will be served for a couple weeks.

I am sorry to see Findory go. Though it will not be Findory doing so, I continue to believe that the future will be personalized.

- Greg Linden, Founder,
Happy "Half Year" to Postcard Headlines blog!

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sokari said...

Thanks Dave for your appreciation!

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Much thanks for the greetings sir Dave! :)

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