Friday, November 02, 2007

Hollywood Writer's Strike

Could Wendy Cheng's Singaporean Series "Girls Out Loud" be headed for American TV? (Pictured: Ros, Wendy [XiaXue] and Isabella "Izzy" Chen [Sarong Party Girl])Photo courtesy Channel 5.

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Brace yourselves for another round of crappy game shows, re-runs and reality series as America's Hollywood writers prepare to strike. Not like they're already making money hand over fist, but that's another story. The strike has been a long time coming...

I don't think they can re-imagine "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" again... do you?

Re-runs may work well for CBS. The network schedule has been way too loose, with favourites popping up at odd times on the wrong night of the week. CBS isn't worried about the strike, anyway.

Americans are tired of "Survivor" and "Paris & Nicole" and the whole lot of what has been "Reality TV" --- perhaps the next step is to import FOREIGN shows, like XiaXue's Girls out Loud or even better, the South African Big Brother series. Complete with nudity and graphic sex. Or maybe Americans will turn to YouTube, Facebook and Blogs!

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