Sunday, December 23, 2007

Around The Blogosphere 23 December 07

Global Voices spotlights a holiday season story that's got very little of the traditional holiday spirit in it. Posted by LJ user souffrante and accompanied by Valeriy Leushev's photos, it's as much about Russian bloggers' childhood memories as it is about globalization, consumer nationalism, bad management, labor rights and the power of blogging... Russia: Christmas Tree Decorations

For some reason, this next post reminds me of the demise of the Albany Eye: Did Apple Bludgeon ‘Think Secret’ Into Shutting Down?

Re-opening the Hijab debate: “I'm not Anti-Hijab or Anti-Hijabi or anything. But I really find it weird that some ladies are so keen on wearing it, while they live up to nothing that it represents,” writes Qwaider, from Jordan.

Window into Palestine on a new Saudi Fatwa (religious edict) regarding the US dollar.

Saudi Jeans comments on global interest about the relationship of Saudis with video sharing site YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, I keep being drawn to watch and listen to What if the Beatles had done “Stairway to Heaven”? and this video...

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