Monday, December 24, 2007

Around The Blogosphere 24 December 07

Seasons Greetings / Merry christmas to all of my friends, readers and fellow-bloggers out there!

Hope you're ready for tomorrow! 'Tis the night before Christmas and you haven't made a cake? Just follow this recipe, for everyone's sake... The night before Christmas cake

At least somebody tried to meet the green gingerbread house challengeJanet and the sprogs built one, although they cheated a little bit... everybody else has until 31 December to send in entries!

Christmas Eve preaching 2 (luke 2:1-20)

A Coleus for Christmas

Despite yesterday's rains, there's still enough white stuff on the ground that New Yorkers will have a White Christmas. I do enjoy hearing Christmas songs of old, including those done by performers born before me... like Bing Crosby's "White" and Elvis' "Blue" Christmas. Some folks enjoy music on Christmas Eve, and some don't.

Back in 1957 England's Queen Elizabeth embraced new technology and began a new tradition: addressing the UK at Christmastime via Television. Although she is now very old (remember, with age comes wisodm), the Queen has embraced the Internet and will send her address via The Royal Channel on YouTube! This is truly an exciting time to be alive! So the WORLD will be able to "tune in" the Queen! Say, what would Christmas be without the Osmonds?

Ampontan blogs on how Japanese spend their Christmas ... this could be Skippy-san's last Xmas in Japan. Chad wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! A big Feliz Navidad from Bettina!

For every blogger who won't be online tomorrow, there will probably be 3 or 4 people online testing new hardware and software...

Life (and Blogging) Takes Funny Turns is my most recent LiveJournal post, all about big changes that one "A-List" blogger decided to make to her blog...

Inside a Modern Malware Distribution System: Scrabblous sends in this analysis of the Pushdo Trojan downloader's backend code and control server. Pushdo is a complex Trojan downloader that meticulously tracks its victims; much of its innovation is not in the Trojan itself but in its control infrastructure...

50 Cent in Kosovo

Another smashing post from Global Voices : in China: Zuola on how citizen media should work, John Kennedy writes "A fist-chop in the throat and surveillance by secret police seems to have put a swift end to the career of China's most popular investigative blogger Zhou 'Zuola' Shuguang..."

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