Thursday, December 27, 2007

Around The Blogosphere 27 December 07

Bettina Perroni has taken the plunge and redesigned her blog... Click Opera Pick Opera: Top 10 blog events of 2007... Miss Info is back from Xmas hiatus and posting heavily... It’s coming up on that time of year again. You know, the time where you seriously commit to the same resolution that you seriously committed to last year… before life got in the way and it evaporated into thin air. read more... »

Benazir Bhutto assassinated

UPDATE: Given the volume of commentary from bloggers throughout the world about the assassination of ex-prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, earlier today in Rawalpindi, Global Voices hsa set up a Special Coverage page aggregating some of the reactions from Pakistan and other parts of south Asia.

Denise Arcoverde [pt] was shocked to learn about Benazir Bhutto's death. “Bonazir was such a brilliant and courageous women who knew very well the risk she run, and who was anything but stupid. However, to leave your mark, there is a price to pay”. She has also compiled a short biography of Bhutto in Portuguese.

Neha Viswanathan: Benazir Bhutto's death has come as a shock to many of the bloggers writing from and about Pakistan. While Bhutto's politics may be controversial, her assasinaton comes at a time when it was hoped that Pakistan could overcome the years of lapse of democracy. [Link] Liz Benjamin: '08 Candidates (And Bloomberg?!) Respond to Bhutto Assassination... Aaminah Hernández weighs in... Tonyo hopes that the diplomats from Philippines will look after the thousands of Filipino overseas works currently in Pakistan.

Sami Ben Gharbia : Saudi blogger, Fouad Alfarhan, arrested in Jeddah December 10, 2007 for exercising his freedom of speech on his popular blog, sent a letter few days before his arrest to his friends. According to his wife, Fouad's arrest was directly linked to his blogging activities.

MAKE: Blog has found a unique item of questionable need --- usbheatinggloves3.jpg Should you find yourself in an unheated cabin in the woods this winter or your house has really bad central heating, it might be time to slap on these "USB Heating Gloves". read more... »

The musicradio77 board notes the 25th Anniversary of Pete Fornatale's Mixed Bag show.

Ten Alternative Energy Speculations for 2008: LEDs and Ultracaps

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