Monday, December 31, 2007

Around The Blogosphere 31 December 07

Blog of the Day: Sidekick. She offers “Top News in Hong Kong 2007 Blogosphere”.

What? 31 December already? Where did the time go? Enjoy the final day of 2007! Some things won't be with us in 2008, including Netscape. Bloguer ou ne pas bloguer?: Netscape passe le flambeau ; qui l’utilisait encore depuis l’arrivée de Firefox ? … Adieu à Netscape Navigator.

Also: Video- Backflash II / 07 : IT’S A WONDERFUL INTERNET ; une suite avec un bien beau logo que je me suis retenu de voler … Un conte de saison ? Ne manquez surtout pas le lien IT’S A WONDERFUL INTERNET ! … Comme resources en vf, pour Freddie Frinton, par exemple, je suis heureux de vous proposer un blog que vous connaissez avec ce Dinner for One. Sur Günther Anders. Enfin, sans publicité, Nurun.

Francophone Reggae Webzine and Music blog Roots and Culture interviews Samuel Malher, a religious scholar from Strasbourg who has written the first unabridged French translation of the Kebra Negast, a sacred Ethiopian text. It describes the heritage of the Ethiopian monarchs, who trace their lineage to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, and how the Ethiopians became God's new chosen people when the Ark of the Covenant was taken from Israel to Ethiopia.

Liz Benjamin has all of the political News Of The Day (And Weekend)

photo.imagina posts a beautiful Flickr photo set of shots from Havana, Cuba.

While bloghopping I ran across VidToMP3, a site that allows you to download the audio from video clips on video sites including Myspace, Youtube, Google video and more. This is great if you just want the song itself, minus the video!

Don't miss reading Preg-sploitation on Ypulse.
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Gilles Desforges said...

Thank you so much, Dave, for Zintzen and I !

All my best wishes to you for an Happy New Year 2008 !

Olivier SC

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