Friday, December 28, 2007

PageRank Obsession

Nari Jibon’s women bloggers. They discuss the menace of wedding dowries, which make the lives of poor families difficult by forcing parents to consider female children as burdens. If only had they efficiently monetized their blogs!

Many bloggers shudder with horror whenever Technorati "forgets" their blogs exist. Likewise, those webmasters and writers who place high value on Google's PageRank system faint when their page suffers a drop in PR.

Shocking disclosure: T'rati and PR are not the "beginning and the end" of any blog or webpage. If you run a blog, get comfortable with that thought. Both have become roadblocks for many bloggers, thanks to certain blogs that enshrined the two services, making them seem much more important in the grand scheme of things than they really are.

Having blogged for several years, I've gotten over the "horror" of when things go wrong with this blog. I learned how to pinpoint and remove pieces of code that might disturb the blog's layout. I learned that one should always have back-ups for any features or services felt to be critical for one's blog. I learned not to fret: if I couldn't fix a problem today, it might fix itself by tomorrow.

Many of you already are familiar with my trials and tribulations with Technorati, a service that now (for me) has zero value when it comes to drawing readers to my blog. Speaking of zero value, many bloggers would pee in their pants if they saw their Google PageRank shrink from 4 to 0 in a single day. Not me. I decided to investigate.
Seems in some levels, I'm still a "4"... while Wendy Cheng is a "3" ??? How can that be? I found this bit of info on a forum: "Normally a sites PR will drop during the upgrade process, however it normally only lasts a few days."
It is wrongly believed by many webmasters that Pagerank is the main critical factor that determines their search engine ranking positions ( SERPS). Realistically, there are a huge amount of factors that Google looks at to determine the SERPS, Pagerank is just one of them, however, it can be a deciding factor if all other things are equal.[Link]
The trouble began earlier, when the PR badge I display (courtesy BlogFlux) started showing ZERO. Eventually I concluded something might be wrong with BlogFlux's server, and I left it at that. Later on, when that ZERO was reflected in other places, I got curious. I wanted to find out if others had experienced difficulties with PR, and how they handled them. As when presented with a real problem in real life, some folks handle it well, some stress over it.

The Bottom Line: PageRank is really an issue with blogs that have chosen to "monetize" (Google that!) The average citizen journalist or hobby-blogger or diarist really shouldn't worry too much. If you would like to make a few bucks on the side, take it from me, Google's AdSense program is effective! That check comes in handy and always surprises me when it appears in the mail!

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