Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where Did They Go?

In recent days the Capital Region has witnessed another person disappear from a crowd. The case has perplexed local police. How can people vanish into thin air? A friend of mine is convinced that ALL of the open Capital Region cases (like Karen Wilson, Suzy Lyall, perhaps Joshua Szostak) have sinister overtones that may never be revealed, mysteries that could go unsolved for decades.

For now, let's take a look at the Jaliek Rainwalker case. The more time that passes, the less likely this case will be resolved. The 12 year-old boy disappeared from Greenwich, NY on November 1, 2007. From the very start, things didn't add up. And while some are quick to point a finger at one they feel might be involved in Rainwalker's vanishing act, let's consider the possibilities.

1 - Abduction. There are serial killers, flesh dealers and sexual perverts crawling the landscape looking for victims. If the boy isn't dead, he may be a prisoner, perhaps somewhere nearby, perhaps somewhere very far away.

2 - Murder. In all of the vanishing persons cases, if someone in their circle of friends, neighbors, associates, family "did it," they would likely be caught. Very few killers are cold-blooded to the extent they could keep their "normal" lives going after having done such a dastardly deed.

3 - Escape. As in runaway: hide out somewhere. Someone remarked that in the Rainwalker case the lad had a fascination with African-American culture and might be living with a black family in Albany or Troy. This is 100% possible! There have been instances where kids either run away or are abducted yet remain within 10-20 miles of home for YEARS and stay off the radar so as not to be found. If families can shield criminals and illegals, who is to say a family couldn't "hide" a 12-year old?

4 - Far-Fetched Abduction Scenarios 2 and 3. Taken by aliens. Or taken by the government for experimental purposes. Well, someone would have seen the aliens by now. The government? I can't vouch for it!

What do YOU think?

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huskiki said...


This is Kim for According to Kim. First I would like to thank you for linking my blog in your post. I'm glad I saw your blog in my stats, you have an interesting site here and I will be coming back to read more. For now I will just comment on Jaliek's case.

How true it is that there are many unsolved cases here in the Capital District. I often check up on Karen Wilson's case to see if there's any new news. Jaliek's case brings to light many issues surrounding the foster care system and perhaps that is why we have been lead down a path of the unknown. I know law enforcement has done a great job in the search for Jaliek and even enlisted the help of the FBI. My question is why hasn't it been a leading news story? This is a missing child, a child with emotional issues. In the beginning I had to dig deep to find any information but thankfully Jaliek's story has been spread through blogs and word of mouth.

I wish I could say for sure what happened to Jaliek that night. All of your possibilities, with exception of the last one (while I wouldn't count it out completely in other cases), a legitimate. Could Jaliek have run away? Sure he could. Could another family have taken him in? It's possible. But from all the cases I've watched or read about when there are domestic issues involved then murder is the most likely option.

If you've watched the behavior of the adoptive father, followed his inconsistent statements, watched how enraged he became in a TV interview in a matter of seconds, then perhaps you would feel the same as I do. Add to that, his mother-in-law and law enforcement have trouble with his story then the finger points in one direction. Keep in mind that I'm not saying that whatever happened to Jaliek was a planned act. It could be a simple case of things getting out of control and one man's attempt to hide from that truth.

Anything is possible and right now what is important is finding Jaliek. The truth will unfold from there. We all hope that Jaliek is found safe, that would be the best gift of all.


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