Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Guest Post: Charlie Chan on the Comeback Kids

Annoying hoopla in media today about how US presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and John MCain are "comeback kids." Excuse please: exactly where did honorable candidates come back from? Perhaps reporters, bloggers, analysts and pollsters spent too much time in Iowa grain silo. Votes in entire state of Iowa and first 12 from New Hampshire prove MEANINGLESS.

Dave Lucas: Charlie is right! No matter what the outcome of all the primaries, (maybe YOU don't but) the candidates know they can fight the battle for the nomination at the convention. I think Obama, not Hillary, got a "boost" from voters in Iowa. Had Obie been trounced there, I'll bet he would have finished a distant second to Hillary in NH. Think about it: had the Clintons stuck to Plan A and shunned Iowa, Obama would have still likely been the winner but they would have clipped his wings (possibly for good) in New Hampshire.

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