Thursday, January 31, 2008

MediaWatch 31 January 08

Politics 2008:And then there were three: Obama, McCain, Hillary... we're getting closer and closer to the shootout on National TV, Super Tuesday. Remember, even if Obama wins, the Clintons are likely to take the fight to the convention floor, where (if you know anything at all about them) they'll be on familiar territory. I love McCain for two reasons: If I were voting Republican, I'd vote for him and he has shaken the boots of folks like Rush and Michelle Malkin. O Sweet politics!

The fall of Mister Nine Eleven. The Ghost of Eliot Spitzer: Obama crusades for illegal alien driver’s licenses... Public Policy Polling’s newest survey, taken before John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani dropped out, shows John McCain leading the Republican side in New York, with Hillary Clinton on top of a gaining Barack Obama.

Another ambulance ride for Britney Spears: the once pop-tart diva now twice-removed from her home. is reporting that Britney allegedly tried to commit suicide last evening... Leave it to ABC News to ask "Could Britney Be Committed Against Her Will?"

Wednesday's Times Union story regarding digital TV could have been much better!
The TU seemed to favor Channel 10 by mentioning it's digital feeds. Let's go the paper one better:

Here are the channels I receive in Albany, with "rabbit ears" as antenna.

17.1-.2-.3 (all differ from 17's analog feed)

So, discounting duplicate programming, City of Albany viewers can choose across 21 channels spanning both digital and analog. It suprises me that the venerable CBS6 doesn't offer at least 3 or 4 digital channels. If this was 1970 you can bet 6 would be leading the pack!

News of three Albany murders traveled fast during the day on Wednesday, but only CBS6 provided viewers with the NAMES of the victims on the 5:30pm newscast... Channel 10, no doubt suffering low morale after a round of layoffs, was still reporting at 6 "police haven't released the names." And keep in mind the TU has handed control of the now oversized and inconvenient TV listings to Albany's cable monopoly.

A volunteer at a community radio station in Austin TX set fire to the station because he was upset that his song selections for an overnight Internet broadcast were changed.

The New York Daily News will offer free music downloads for its readers. The Library of Congress has started posting photos on Flickr. Head to this page, and you can view thousands of historic images.

The Wall Street Journal is making stories available to Facebook members, says Associated Press.

Shades of Atlantis: Britain's Prince Charles recently gave a speech at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, although he wasn't really there. Instead, a 3-D holographic projection of the Prince, recorded last year in the United Kingdom. Click here.

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