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Around The Blogosphere 22 February 08

Even with our extra leap day this year, next Saturday brings — and this may surprise you — March.

For most of us, New Year’s resolutions are long gone and the countdown to spring has begun. But before April showers turn into May sneezing fits, there is at least one more important financial task (for U-S residents) to do: the income tax return.

via TechCrunch: Cloudo is the new Xindesk and looks like shaping up to be a good looking WebOS, if and when it launches.

Now,off to the islands! The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, as part of its new focus as a digital media training center, has developed an introductory course to digital journalism that it will offer for the first time from March 3 to April 4, 2008, to journalists living and working in Caribbean countries. Caribbean Free Radio reports.

Geoffrey Philp's Blog Spot presents "Boat People by Felix Morisseau-Leroy ." I love Geoffrey's blog! (that's him in the accompanying foto) He's introduced me to many wonderful authors whose works I may have not other wise known. Thank-you, Geoffrey!

Karel Mc Intosh writes a splendid blog entitled "Caribbean Public Relations" - but it's so much more than that! Some of my favourite posts on Karel's blog include Work and personal life – the online connection and Profiling Caribbean Public Relations: Interviewing Barbados. One of the most recent posts, Recognising the value of magazines as media channels - the disconnect with corporate communicators, was contributed by guest poster Laura Dowrich-Phillips. Even though Karel targets the Caribbean, anyone anywhere can learn valuable information from her blog.

Next, from some very faraway islands, Filipino blog Postcard Headlines presents The Rise of Free Online Books, and I have a snippet for you:
Paulo Coelho (pictured) gives us an innovative example on how to get rich as an author. He’s been “pirating his own work for years, spreading electronic versions of his novels over the BitTorrent filesharing network for potential readers to download.” He even established the blog The Pirate Coelho for this purpose, the Guardian Newspaper Book Blog reports:
…giving away free digital copies of books makes a lot more sense that giving away free digital copies of music. Downloading a couple of chapters allows you to see how much you might like an author unknown to you. The point being that most of us who like what we read are then likely to go on and purchase the physical copy of the book, because so few of us have the stamina to read an entire book from a screen. Whereas music downloads, free or paid-for, are conveniently portable and these days more and more preferred to traditional media.
Review of Cuban-American Blogs wonders whether or not Fidel Castro's resignation should be taken at face value:
"...It is as if the Queen of England had abdicated her titles as Defender of the Faith and Head of the British Commonwealth but forgotten to include her queenly title."
via Ambiome, a ridiculous "must-see" photo: Kitty Wigs, ça décoiffe !

Retrocrush has compiled a fun list of the 25 greatest duets of all time, w/video.

VIDEO: Ted Kennedy Sings En Espanol for Texas votes...

Can I Sit With You? (Send your painful childhood memories to these editors and they will publish it on their blog and in a new book published via Lulu.)

More than 4000 netizens have already signed a petition against Google Earth: “Dear Administrators of Google Earth, we, the undersigned, through this letter, protest your irresponsible, unscientific actions, and demand an immediate and unconditional deletion of “Arabian Gulf” from Google Earth.”

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