Thursday, February 28, 2008

Around The Blogosphere 28 February 08

Blog of the Day: Leila Abu Saba writes about how readers find their way to her blog.

Whitney Matheson: And the title of Madonna's new album is ... Hard Candy? Maxim has apologized for publishing a Black Crowes review without listening to the album. The new Morcheeba album is streaming online. Whitney writes "... just spent way too much time on SongTapper, thanks to Pop reader Britt, aka wordsNtricks.
"You can use the spacebar on your keyboard to tap out the beat of a song," she explains. "I gave it a try and tapped out Billie Jean -- sure enough, MJ was in the list of possible songs."
I must've tried 10 tunes before SongTapper finally recognized what track was in my head. Of course, the lucky song had to be the most embarrassing one: Dead or Alive's You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).
YPulse: Celebrate Teen Tech Week, Hip-hop writing contest and International Children's Digital Library (an impressive non-profit trying to save and digitize the world's children's literature).

Miss Info Exclusive: Back together again, Weezy F. Baby and Nivea : )

Emirati Ben Kerishan blogger (Arabic) provides a concise, humorous and insightful summary of the history of development of Salafist Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia, one of the most dangerous evils in our present world, writes Iraqi blogger Abbas Hawazin in this post.

Politics, Facebook and journalism. Zeinobia, from Egypt, draws a link between them in this post.

Taiwanese aboriginal group Hunter Motion calls for an action (today) 28 February to defend their right to preserve their hunting life style in their own land. The group established an advocacy blog for documenting their activities.

Jordanian blogger Abbas Hawazin has a new crush: She looks so dumb, but I can't take my eyes off her...

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