Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Visitor

Guest Post by Bettina Perroni

This post is about the ideology that some cultures have about night birds such as an Owl. Certain cultures consider this a "bad luck bird" associated with the dead or witchcraft, while other cultures believe it is a wise and special creature. What do you think?

February 25, 2008 at 05:45 PM., I leave the office, get home and try to post one of what I perceive to be the most romantic writings of my recent times.

Entro, enciendo mi Laptop y en eso suena el interphone.
I get in, turn my Laptop on and at that moment the intercom sounds.

Por más que me apresuro a contestar no llego a tiempo.
Even though I hasten to reply I'm not in time.

Nuevamente regreso a mi Laptop y ahora suena el timbre de la entrada.
So I return to my Laptop and now the bell rings.

Me pregunto ¿que pasa? , me asomo por la ventana y he ahí el vigilante quien señala hacia una de las esquinas de la casa y me grita que no me asome.
I wonder Why? I look out of the window and see that the watchman is pointing to a corner of the house, shouting at me not to come out.

Sin pensar mal en ese momento, bajo corriendo a toda prisa no sin antes tomar mi cámara.
Without thinking I hurried to get my camera.

Llego junto a el y le pregunto: - ¿que sucede? ....vuelve a señalar hacia el mismo lugar.
I went outside, ran up to him and asked - what happened? .... Again he tried to draw my attention to the same place.

Sería una mentirosa si dijera que no me incomodó descubrir al visitante.
It would be a liar if I said that I was not disturbed when I saw the visitor.

El señor se limitó a decirme que tuviera cuidado no fuera a colarse por la ventana, que si quería, iba a intentar atraparlo para dármelo.
The watchman told me to be careful because the creature could get into the house through the window, and that if I wanted, he would try to catch it for me.

Volteo a verlo y le pregunto: - ¿Y que voy a hacer yo con ese animal? - mientras por mi mente pasaba la palabra zoológico-.
I turned and asked him: - And what I am going to do with that animal? - All the while thinking the word "zoo."

Justo al terminar la frase, el visitante en questión gira la cabeza y me clava la mirada.
I just finished that thought when the visitor's head turned and it gazed at me.

Primero sentí una gran admiración por su belleza, pero segundos después su mirada me intimidó tanto y me hizo sentir tan insegura que entre nervios saqué la cámara del estuche y sin pensarlo la disparé.
First I felt a great admiration for its beauty, but seconds after felt intimidated... I felt so insecure that with shaking hands I positioned my camera and shot without thinking.

Si, fue una toma oportuna porque inmediatamente extendió sus alas y voló ¡saber dios a donde!.
Yes, it was a timely because seconds later the visitor spread its wings and flew ...

En eso me dice el señor con cara de preocupación:
In that moment the watchman, very concerned, said to me:

- Disculpe pero... dicen que esas cosas son malas .
Excuse me but I know that these animals are bad.

Y le contesto:

And he continued:

- Bueno, es cierto que en muchas culturas es considerada un "ave de mal aguero" (mala suerte)... sobre todo aquí en México . --
Well, it is true that in many cultures it is considered a "bird of bad agüero"
(bad luck) ... especially here in Mexico.

Y me responde:

And I replied:

- Pues... -- Well ... solo vino a visitarle a usted y se fue . He just came to visit and now he's gone.

No sin antes lanzarle una mirada amenazante que le digo:

I think I gave him a menacing look and told him:

- ¡Oiga Usted, no me diga eso!! -- You Listen, don't say that again!

Bueno, aqui les dejo la foto que tomé a ver que opinan.
Well, here is the picture I took of the visitor..
Hasta combina con el color de mi casa...
He sort of matches with the color of my house ...
¿no creen? What do you think?

Like Bettina, I once had a "visitor" and managed to snap a picture of the raptor before he flew away. In the hot below he is on my neighbor's roof, and he is easily 3 feet tall!

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  1. Eyyy, your visitor is beautiful too. Nice that you also had the chance to take the pic :)

    A hug dear :)


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