Sunday, March 02, 2008

Around The Blogosphere 02 March 08

Ed DagueRetired WNYT anchorman Ed Dague comments on Capital Region news in his blog, In Medias Res. A recent entry explores what will happen when (if) NY State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno falls from power, AND there's also a paragraph or two for aviation buffs and / or followers of war in It’s all about Joe...

Crooks & Liars: SNL: Live, From New York…It’s Hillary Clinton!

gleuschk : Lost: A theory on time travel - either massive spoilers or hallucinatory speculation, depending...

Now is Wow posts video she shot about children living with HIV in Trinidad & Tobago.

Gay Ugandan and religion: “The issue is my sexuality. Homosexuality.The Church of Uganda believes that my sexuality is unnatural. And that it is a sin. They believe that it is sinful to encourage a person like me to salvation in Jesus' name.”

mixtape 020: from jwz, LiveJournal blogger: Please enjoy jwz mixtape 020.

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