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Around The Blogosphere 07 March 08

into-the-wild-t.jpgOne of 2007's best films, Into The Wild ($23) is based on Jon Krakauer's bestselling book. Emile Hirsch stars as Christopher McCandless, whose real-life journey from civilization in search of...

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Kick-Ass Blogging: Just like me, powerblogger LaShawn Barber (one of my 10 hottest blogging babes to watch during 2008) has begun exploring Facebook and MySpace. I've been signed on to both for quite some time, but it wasn't until recently I began pushing forward a little bit and developing my presence on those sites. I've never given that much attention to my "extra" blogs i.e. LiveJournal, Intelligent Bacon, and there's a few more I've let fall by the wayside...

Anyway, LaShawn is very interested in networking with bands and people involved in the digital music scene. She has a post on her blog that applies to musicians, artists and BLOGGERS. If you are trying to earn a living blogging, you need a fan CORE... people who will come and check out your blog every day or every other day. People rack up hundreds and even thousands of MySpace "friends," but how many of those buds EVER come back to visit their MySp pages again? Ah huh, just a few. Such is the way of the blog. You might get 18,000 hits in a single day (like I did) via search engines one day when people were looking for "Beth Geisel" --- but just THREE of those 18,000 ever came back to my blog again! Bloggeth LaShawn:
"The 1,000 True Fans idea is a cool one for anybody, whether you’re a blogger trying to make money from your blog or an author trying to make a living writing books. If you’re a blogger or author lucky enough to have 1,000 True Fans – people who’ll buy just about anything you offer - think of the possibilities. In addition to a “main product” (blog or book), you can create and sell other “merch” like T-shirts, mugs, and bags with your logo. You can offer online courses and seminars and hire yourself out for speaking engagements."
One could blog for two or three years only to have a CORE of maybe 25 to 50 regular readers. How to increase that to THOUSANDS? Some lucky bloggers have been able to accomplish that: Blogs like Xu Jinglei, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Michelle Malkin. But how do YOU or I accomplish that? Read. Network via MyBlogLog, MySpace, Facebook. Comment on other blogs. You have to make the effort, whether you spend a rainy evening on the PC or a day when you're home sick with the flu... With a little luck, some talent and persistence, you may slowly but surely build up your own personal legion of fans... or not. Oh, and read LaShawn's post entitled The Passion of 1,000 True Fans for starters! Lee Stranahan adds this to the mix: "I'll add another strategy based on the same idea - maybe you need 10 Superfriends...These Superfriends are probably companies. If you're a musician, maybe in addition to your 1000 True Fans you need 10 contacts who place music in TV shows and films. Any one of these superfriends could be worth $10,000 or $50,000, all at once and all of a sudden. They buy a song, they hire you to score get the idea."

Not everybody has luck with the Street Performer Protocol

In 2000, Stephen King published a serialised novel "The Plant" over the internet, bypassing print publication. Sales were unsuccessful, and he abandoned the project

It all sounds so easy... Until it meets real life.

When One Thousand Means Over Fifty Thousand


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Following politics? Scripting News has MP3 of today's Clinton conference call and MP3 of today's Obama conference call...

eBay has a new WordPress blog

Jeremy Smith reports Success! IE 6, 7, and 8 Running on Same Machine (Plus 5.5 and 5.01)

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