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Around The Blogosphere 21 March 08

Xiaxue: You thought Wendy's blog was pink? You should see her place!

via what's in rebecca's pocket: The Region of Unlikeness

Laika Star: The history of the Russian space program in three short videos. The past, the present, and the future.

Gawker: History is repeating itself. During the last internet bubble, Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation used its Page Six brand to launch a new entertainment website, The property has had an even shorter life this cycle:, which was largely independent of the newspaper's Page Six print column, is being shuttered immediately; it had been live only since December. The URL already redirects to the New York Post's main website, and the site's staff have had their access to email cut off. Managing Editor, David Boyle, told the site's Los Angeles staff. "Given the difficulty in the economy, it was not the right time for this launch," said Jennifer Jehn, one of the site's managers. A total of 18 editorial and support staffers will be let go and three reassigned within the New York Post.

via YPulse asks Is There A Place For The "N" Word In Children's Literature? Meantime, anastasia posts Ypulse Essentials: Nick Launches Mobile Sites, 'Living The Dream,' New 'Gossip Girl'

TeenLab has a post that should be read by all: Virgin Mobile and My Eight Year Old: It’s Totally About “Free”

Check's in the mail... or is it? Depends on what you wrote on your Income Tax return. SingleMa pokes the IRS hive with Economic Stimulus Payment: How Much Will I Get and When Will I Receive It?

JJ out of DC blogs that she is the Queen of Fast Cooking

Blog readers here in the Capital Region really miss the Albany Eye blog, presently in "suspended animation." The Eye keeps making the very short list of locally favourited blogs on Metroland Magazine's reader poll. You certainly can't get good gossip on the so-called "radio boards." The current participants on those "discussions" have no clue as to what's going on "behind the scenes" - case in point:
Re: Christy Taylor Leaving, Going to.. « Reply #1 on: March 18, 2008, 11:48:21 pm » She's not the only one "leaving"....It looks like overnighter Lynch is gone from the station and the website too..
Hmmmm... let's see, today is the 21st... I can't believe "nobody knows" why "overnighter Lynch" was let go... guess those "Radio Insiders" and "reporters" aren't as "in the know" as they'd like to think they are! By the way, both Radio-Info and RadioInsight have nice layouts, but the forums are only as good as the posters they attract. Apparently, the good posters haven't seen fit to populate these outlets. Wonder why?

Young Moroccan engineer Fouad Mourtada was released from prison by presidential pardon days before Eid el Mawlid, the Prophet Muhammad's birthday. Fouad was imprisoned for more than forty days for creating a Facebook profile of the king's brother, Moulay Rachid. Bloggers reflect on the grassroots effort to free Fouad and celebrate his liberation as a step forward for personal freedoms in the Kingdom.

Easter is coming... the Season of Spring, new life... it's always sad when one must say goodbye to a loved one... Time Out To Mourn

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