Monday, March 24, 2008

Around The Blogosphere 25 March 08

Blogger of the Week: Abdulrahman Warsame

The blog is entitled "No Longer at Ease - On politics, development, journalism; East Africa & Middle East" which Abdurahman co-blogs with Hanna. A Somali born in Saudi Arabia, educated in Egypt and Australia, and currently working for Al Jazeera in Doha, Qatar, as a Senior Analyst in New Media, Warsame shares his thoughts on blogging in his country and the rest of the Arab world. Co-blogger Hanna hails from the U.K. - she is a final year undergraduate Literature student with a fast growing interest in politics, postcolonial writing, forced migration, general theories involving diaspora and human rights (especially that of refugees). They have a MyBlogLog community which I'm proud to say I've joined. I've also added No Longer at Ease to my blogroll.

Art can be a powerful tool for raising social awareness, blogs Sugar Pop... Nico Pitney has done a mosiac of the 4000 americans who gave their lives in Iraq.

Foreign Policy Watch: A biweekly feature of news and opinion pieces from the Israeli and Palestinian press.

Hack a Day offers Make your own Aerogel

Rory of Carbon Copy posts a recipe for seed bombs which can be thrown into “…vacant lots, pavement cracks, long-standing rubbish piles, or anywhere that would benefit from a bit of random greenery.”

Sara Emily Lin / 貓式手套織法圖解(一)

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Interesting always dear friend.

Excuse my absence...

from now I´ll be posting and comments at nights only.

A hug :)

Abdurahman said...

Thanks Dave.

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