Thursday, March 27, 2008

Around the Blogosphere 27 March 08

Blogger of the Day: Kimberlycun!
Photo Copyright © 2008 Star Publications (Malaysia) Bhd

15+ Minutes of Fame: Eh, I’m on The Star today, hehe. Kimberlycun blogs "Well, nothing gratifies a narcissist more than seeing her own face on national papers..." Kimmy is one of our 10 Hottest Blogging Babes to Watch in '08, and it's much more than 15 little minutes! More evidence that bloggers are and blogging is crossing over and mixing into mainstream media. good for you, Kim!

Michelle Malkin
blogs her way into the world of thug HipHop. What's going down when The LA Times gets conned? [Re: Los Angeles Times Editor Russ Stanton said he will launch an internal investigation into the authenticity of documents used in a recent story asserting that the paper had uncovered new evidence implicating associates of rap impresario Sean “P Diddy” Combs in a bloody 1994 assault on hip-hop superstar Tupac Shakur.]

Elsewhere on the HipHop blogging trail, MissInfo has posted Trailer: Ego Trip presents Miss Rap Supreme, coming April 14...

Portnoy blogs via Global Voices on Racism, Asian style: Taiwan: Racial Commercials Everywhere

Geoffrey Philp posts Saunders and Pouchet-Paquet: Caribbean literature and popular culture.

From Robson Santos: Música e vinhos em Laranjeiras

Kizzie: Revolutionary Sudan
الحكومة دي كاتمة على نفسنا ليها 19 سنة انا خلاص زهجت

World’s Tallest Man Rides a Bicycle. Do You?

As if any further evidence were required, Yume Neko DS proves that cats are overly fussy buggers, considerably more complex and high-maintenance than their canine counterparts. read more...

Lotta Holmström (Citizen Media Watch) offers a number of posts touching upon Social Networking:
At Facebook Garage Stockholm
Myspace: We’ve been pioneering the monetization of social networking

muxtape-t.jpg You can't get anymore simple than Muxtape. The online service does one thing — let you create and share mixtape-like MP3 playlists with... Visit Uncrate for the full post.

Steve Pavlina blogs about Resourcefulness:

Few men during their lifetime come anywhere near exhausting the resources dwelling within them. There are deep wells of strength that are never used.- Richard Byrd Steve wonders "When you think of someone who’s extremely resourceful, what images come to mind?"

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