Monday, March 31, 2008

Around The Blogosphere 31 March 08

Blogger of the Week: Television Traci!

Dallas Penn has our quote of the day: “I can’t leave blogging alone. I need the game. It’s my cocaine.” Sheylara had a BUSY weekend! The Moor Next Door has a new addy!
Why blog? You just might get a book deal. The New York Times has details Who says nobody reads old blog posts? Rethabile reacts to a comment a reader left on Black Looks back in 06!

ProBlogger launches PayPerTweet: Get paid to Tweet!!!

RIP Sean Levert: best known for the song "Cassanova" - Levert died after a medical emergency in jail. He was 39. (thanks, Traci!)

What's big on Technorati, you ask? Sex of course! 15 minutes of fame! It's Max Mosley's turn!
Max Mosley Sex Tape
WTF! Sado-maso: F1 Boss Max Mosley and Five Hookers In Nazi Orgy
Formula 1 Chief Max Mosley’s ‘Nazi sex orgy’ Makes Spitzer Look Like Choirboy

Always erotic, Ambiome blogs [Fr] about Ze Ultimate Sextoy Battle : chic & sobre ou fun & coloré ?: J’entends d’ici les cris de surprise et d’indignation dans les foyers francophones (ouais, enfin, chez mes quelques lecteurs, quoi) : "Mais que se passe-t-il ? Ambiome parle de trucs sexuels sur son blog ?! C’est dégueulasse !" Je vous arrête tout de suite : j’ai déjà parlé de trucs bien pires, alors arrêtez de faire les choqués !

Artistically erotic Mia Mäkilä offers Skivomslaget får en blå venus.

Slate: April Fools' Day defense kit. Don't be “taken for a sucker by the media.”

Supposing that you had one to name, Mona asks “What would you name your very own country?”

CBS is testing high definition streaming on the Internet, blogs Tech Crunch.

Found on digg: List of songs deemed inappropriate by ClearChannel post 9/11

Martin Scorcese has a MySpace (and Queen Rania has a YouTube channel)... A new New York Times blog features contributions from Andrew Bird, Suzanne Vega and Rosanne Cash.

“Ten years ago, exactly on March 31, 1998, I was publishing my first blog, the modest Diário da Megalópole [Megalopolis Diary, pt], which was possibly the first blog ever in Portuguese”, recalls Nemo Nox, who still goes strong!

Blogger lastline has drawn over 400 bookmarks on the Japanese bookmarking service Hatena for a detailed investigation of the question: Why does the video game character Mario run across the screen from left to right, and not right to left [ja]?

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