Sunday, March 02, 2008

Gullible's Travels

"I ask forgiveness to all who felt betrayed." A Belgian writer has admitted that she made up her best-selling memoir, confessing she did not trek 1900 miles as a child across Europe with a pack of wolves in search of her deported parents during WW2.

Funny how prone people can be to swallowing whatever information is fed them... watch the movie "Bug".

From Nigerians to George Costanza, hoodwinkers, quacks, tricksters and scamsters are crawling out of the woodwork, trying to devour us. The bad part is, they are succeeding. (Look at the astonishing number of people, including Oprah Winfrey, who flocked to embrace the book/DVD "The Secret.")

Look at the idiot actresses and pop-stars who ruined their lives by letting Asian movie star Edison Chen film them in x-rated positions! We've known all along that the MainStreamMedia cannot always be trusted, but this latest example takes the cake! En Guard! Er - Maybe I should say, Wake Up, America!

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