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MediaWatch 01 March 08

If you're a fugitive and you keep a Blog, Don't Post Your Travel Plans--- A Japanese fellow long wanted on murder charges was finally brought to justice after tipping off authorities on his blog that he would be traveling to the US territory of Saipan. Kazuyoshi Miura is believed by US authorities to have killed his wife, while the pair were visiting the states in 1981.

DPadua, from[PT], highlights in his blog[PT] the release of the movie “Brad Will, uma noite mais nas barricadas” [”Brad Will, one night more at the barricade”, PT], about the IndyMedia cameraman that was shot by the paramilitary in Oaxaca, Mexico, in 2006. Brad's camera kept recording the scene as he fell, and then the same camera was taken to many places, recording the reality of many other people that, like Brad, are fighting for freedom and respect for human rigths, and risking life and limb, in places not shown by regular television

The New York state attorney general's office has requested information from Comcast on the company's handling of Internet traffic. Comcast, the nation's largest cable company, is the subject of several complaints to the Federal Communications Commission and has been sued by customers over its throttling of file-sharing traffic on its cable-modem service. "We have requested information from the company via subpoena," Jeffrey Lerner, a spokesman for New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, said. [Associated Press]

Two Yale Law School graduates who allege they were subjected to a campaign of online harassment file suit against the site's owner and two dozen internet trolls for copyright infringement, defamation, and a variety of other tort and IP claims...

Keith in Trinidad admires the example being set by a young radio DJ who is calling for the local entertainment industry to take a stand against violent music after the recent murder of a schoolboy by one of his classmates.

Linda Greenhouse, the New York Times reporter covering the U.S.Supreme Court for 30 years, has accepted the paper's buyout, reports Associated Press.

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