Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MediaWatch 18 March 08

Here's some quick analysis of the "war" between Scientology (well known for its ability to use lawfare to silence critics and investigators) and a group of unknown hacktivists called Anonymous:
The Maynard Institute of Journalism Web site looks at the reporters of color covering this year's presidential campaigns.

Here's a link to Barack Obama's Speech On Race... In the middle of this interview with rapper DMX, it becomes clear that he's never heard of Barack Obama before.

Crooks and Liars blogs that McCain Doesn’t Know Who We’re Fighting In Iraq

On its 5th anniversary, the Iraq War has faded out as a TV news story, says Associated Press.

Media Silence on Iraq & Iran In An Election Year -
The Peace & Justice Center is touring former UN Weapons Inspector, Scott Ritter, at three Vermont colleges. Ritter has been a searing critic of the occupation of Iraq and the dangerous march to war with Iran. He will be speaking at Johnson State College on March 31st, Middlebury College on April 2nd and St. Michael's College on April 3rd. All talks will start at 7:30pm.

93.6 RAM FM, broadcasting from Jerusalem and Ramallah, reaches Israelis and Palestinians in English, rather than Hebrew or Arabic. The station was set up last year by Issie Kirsh, a South African Jew. The idea is to bring understanding between the two sides. His came from a similar station, Radio 702, that he had set up in the apartheid era, allowing South African blacks and whites to speak on the same call-in and talk shows. The station underlines its impartiality by avoiding Israeli or Arab songs and featuring the music of American, British and other English-speaking artists: New York Times.

Covering Islam 101 Almost six in 10 Americans say they know little or nothing about Islam’s practices, and what they know is sometimes wrong. Meanwhile, a third of Americans say the media are the biggest influence on their perception of Muslims. This edition of ReligionLink is a journalist’s guide to covering Muslims and Islam in America. It features a guide to the basics of Islam, issues journalists should be aware of, source listings of major Muslim organizations and media, national and regional experts, and demographic information.

CNN's Soledad O'Brien, whose first name honors the Holy Blessed Virgin Mary, lives in Manhattan after growing up in Saint James, Long Island. She credits the Catholic Church values with her success. Now, she says she is extending her Catholic values to her four children. The Catholic World reports.

Human Rights Watch has announced that it is developing a code of conduct for Internet firms doing business in China, and that all the major foreign Internet firms are on board.

A collection of film stills on LiveJournal. Click through to see more from each film.

Saratoga Performing Arts Center has launched its new website at www.spac.org. The new design, which was developed by Shannon-Rose of Saratoga Springs, offers a unique layout, user-friendly interactive tools, enhanced multimedia options, and new content!

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