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MediaWatch 25 March 08

Clifford Stoll calls BS on the internet in 1995

Signal vs. Noise from Signal vs. Noise

In this Newsweek article from 1995, Clifford Stoll suggested it would be unlikely we’d buy books over the web or read newspapers online.

But he didn’t stop there.

A new study shows that TV is rarely watched without a web browser close at hand, and that kids are growing up multitasking even their entertainment options.

Hopes for wireless cities with free Internet service are fading as Internet companies are pulling out, says the New York Times.

Once news of Tibetans slicing children's ears off and burning people alive sunk in, Chinese netizens worldwide seized onto initial misreported details concerning the situation in Tibet and don't seem willing to let this one go. In fact, they've declared cyberwar on major western mainstream media outlets, and is campaign headquarters.

China might bar live television broadcasts from Tiananmen Square during the Beijing Olympics, apparently unnerved by the recent outburst of unrest among Tibetans and fearful of protests in the heart of the Chinese capital. A ban on live broadcasts would wreck the plans of NBC and other major international networks, who have paid hundreds of millions of dollars to broadcast the August 8th through 24th games and are counting on eye-pleasing live shots from the iconic square. The rethinking of Beijing's earlier promise to broadcasters comes as the government has poured troops into Tibetan areas wracked by anti-government protests this month, reports Business Week.

Last Friday, Japan's national broadcaster aired a special on the "New Era of Video" predicting changes in the industry of broadcast television that will shake the foundation of mass media. But why would a broadcaster as big as NHK air a TV special about the end of TV? Wouldn't that be against its own interests? Blogger Kobayashi Akihito asked if there wasn't more to the NHK special than meets the eye... more via Global Voices

With BlogTalkRadio, the commentary is expanding, according to the Washington Post.

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