Thursday, March 20, 2008

One Last Time

Remember a few years back, that poor woman, Terry what's her name, was in bed basically "dead" for years as her husband valiantly fought her family who tried to keep him from getting her feeding tube disconnected?

Remember the activists, advocates and bloggers with hemorrhaging hearts who practically rode their high horses into the ground trying to keep the dead alive? Where are those sympathetic souls when a story of substance is told?

Six months ago Jayci Yaeger was a vibrant 10 year old girl... today she is in a hospital bed, dying of brain tumors. All that she wants is to see her daddy one last time. People have been calling and emailing the South Dakota prison where her father is serving a 5-year sentence on a drug charge. he has a year to go, and the warden REFUSES to grant a 30-day supervised release. What a hard-hearted ... If this prisoner were Saddam Hussein, I think you or I would at least want to allow him to visit his daughter to say a final goodbye for a day or just an hour, even if we had to guard him with ten men. But oh no, we can't let the big bad drug dealer out...
Cancerous brain tumors have taken over and Jayci Yaeger moved into a Lincoln hospice this week. Her mother can only watch as her daugther slowly disappears. A girl, who just six months ago was vibrant and energetic. Vonda says, "It's really hard to say it, but it's time now and she doesn't need to suffer anymore. She needs to be where she can be peaceful and happy and not in pain."
Jayci isn't ready to go just yet. She's got one more thing to do before she dies, hug her daddy...

Jason Yaeger is set to be released to a Lincoln half way house in August. But doctors don't think Jayci will make it that long.
Jason and his family say they're not asking for Jason to be free or to shorten his sentence. He's even offered to double his prison sentence.
Jason is scheduled to talk with Lincoln NE KMTV's Michelle Bandur this afternoon from his prison cell.

From a BBS: Posted by: Lori Yaeger, Sister-in-law Location: Lincoln on Mar 19, 2008 at 02:35 PMContact the prison information: Phone: 605-665-3262 Main switchboard; they'll ask if it's in regards to a prisoner; say no and ask for someone the Executive Administrative Staff email them at: YAN/EXECASSISTANT@BOP.GOV Write the Warden personally: WARDEN WHITEHEAD FPC YANKTON FEDERAL PRISON CAMP PO BOX 680 YANKTON SD 57078 Call, write, email. Flood them. I don't even care if they're flooded with negative comments towards Jason. The more they have to deal with the public, the better. Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive. Jayci is still holding on.

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