Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Paterson Transition

Have you been Googling the new Governor? They call it "The Paterson Transition." It is underway and this morning, the appointment / inaug less than 24 hours old, the newsmedia is reporting a "bump" in the Paterson marriage some years back. They say the Patersons just wanted to get the incident "out there" and that's a good thing: I'd been puzzled as to why, all weekend long, people arriving at my weblog had come through Google or Yahoo by searching "david paterson and xxxxxx xxxxx" - "x" being the name of a woman linked to NY politics. Queries originated from broadcast entities and newspapers. (Yes, I can see much more than your I.P. addresses!) Now, it all makes sense. Could this hurt Paterson? No. He's honest and "clearing" the record by releasing this latest bit of info. Could this hurt the woman? Maybe. Let's see what happens next!

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