Thursday, March 06, 2008

Peek at the Paper

Albany Police drive the coolest cars...

Nothing frosts more peoples' pumpkins than wayward police officers who take exceptional liberties. Unlike their egg-tossing brethren*in Schenectady, Albany's finest have been having a "bad hair day" in the media. I was in attendance at yesterday's news conference and was thinking to myself that cops and their superiors are not unlike you and I and our superiors. There is a chain of command, a pecking order, and there always seem to be a couple of employees who goof off and a couple of others who screw up. It's kinda human, isn't it?

From today's Times Union: Strip search furor grows

When it comes to broadcasting, nothing frosts a radio PD's pumpkin more than expletives going out over the air, which happened during wednesday drivetime on a major local station. Yikes! Awhile back I attended a talk given by Dave Abdoo, a wonderfully creative local engineer. Dave's advice: whenever you set foot in a broadcast facility, leave the blue language behind. That's easy for me because I grew up in a home where such words were rarely, if ever spoken. Unfortunately, there are many among us who hear the 4-letter vulagarities and other obscenities so often they become commonplace. When you are inside a radio or TV station, you never know when a microphone is live or if a speakerphone has been left in the "on" position, or if someone easily offended might be within earshot.

On a lighter note, the TU reports that folks from one of my fave TV shows are presenting a program involving Schenectady:
Stockade mystery gets TV attentionPhoto in story
PBS' "History Detectives" to investigate whether home was military blockhouse

*relates to an incident a few years back, where Schenctady cops aboard a bus tossed eggs at other vehicles. Talk radio ate them for lunch (the cops, not the eggs!) Don't worry, they're not allowed to carry eggs anymore... ;) and they've been on their best behavior!

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