Saturday, March 01, 2008

Un-natural (S)Election

With much at stake in November 2008, Nostradamus' prophecies not withstanding...

Marlon James: It's not that Obama threatens to be another MLK. That tactic didn't work for Jesse Jackson. It far worse than that. It's that he threatens to be another JFK. It's stunning to hear people talk about a man in a way that you can only see in newsreels of 1962. Barrack Obama is without question the finest public speaker running for office since Kennedy. Barrack and Michelle are certainly the most glamorous couple since Jack and Jackie, and Michelle has made it quite clear that she's nobody's fool. An Obama white house would be an era not seen since the early sixties when daring to dream must have felt like embracing a secret taboo, something that you had to take on with a poker face, not to reveal how much you heart was dancing at the sheer prospect of newness. Freshness.

Michelle Malkin: Just when you think identity politics can’t parody itself any better (or worse), along comes a new set of race-mongers with an even more absurd set of grievances...
(Is Obama the Frankenstein of Karl Rove?) Evidence of a covert campaign to undermine the presidential primaries is rife, so it's curious that the Democractic Party and even some within the G.O.P. have ignored the actual elephant in the room this year. That would be Karl Rove. Long accused of rigging the two previous presidential elections, this master of deceit would have us believe that he's gone off to sit in a corner and write op-eds...The Time article went on to explain that rank and file Republicans were switching parties this spring to vote for Obama in the Democratic primaries. Though not mentioned in the piece, a group called Republicans for Obama formed in 2006 to expedite the strategy...Called crossover voting, the tactic is playing a crucial role in what appears to be a Rove-coordinated effort to deprive Clinton of the nomination.

Not so. According to an article in Time magazine published last November, Republicans have been organized in several states to throw their weight behind Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic rival of Hillary Clinton. [from Bamboozling the American electorate again] (Print out as a PDF File)

Biscoito Fino e a Massa is closely following the Texas Democratic Primary polls [PT], and reports about Obama's surge toward nomination. He also tries hard to explain the primary's rules in the state, and mention past local cases of electoral mess and misconduct like the ‘gerrymandering' in 2003. The blog will do real time Portuguese coverage of next Tuesday's democratic primaries in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island, starting at 20:00 Brasilia time.

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