Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Watched Pot Never Boils

With reporters in Albany circling the Capitol, Client 9 remains holed up in his luxury apartment in New York City: we can almost envision Assembly Leader Jim Tedisco personally dragging the Spitz out of there, kicking and screaming. If news reports are true that Silda wants Eliot to stay on, somebody PLEASE call Doctor Phil IMMEDIATELY. Maybe the "Luv Guv" is cherishing these moments of holding state government hostage... as Drudge would say, "developing..."

Michelle Malkin is marking time:
The Spitzer resignation countdown clock

Speaking of Michelle, the one from Schenectady's Channel 6 is conspicuous by her absence. She's been "on assignment" since the Spitz hit the fan... Hubby Morgan Hook just landed a cush job with the Gov's office... hopefully Morgan Hook can transfer over to David Paterson's side. Hook is a dedicated, determined individual and a great news reporter. Ouch, "timing is everything" they say!

Meanwhile, David Paterson May Be First Blind NY Governor... "He's a guy who had two handicaps: his blindness and his race. And he never made excuses for it," - Al Sharpton

Yeah, but he's a "Dave"!!! Liz Benjamin blogs that one of the first people LG David Paterson called for advice was his father, former state Secretary of State Basil Paterson.

The New York Daily News checks out how the Big Apple's all news radio stations and conservative talk shows covered the Spitzer story.

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