Monday, April 28, 2008

$10 Dollars A Gallon

When I got home from work this evening, I glanced at a New York Sun article that suggests gasoline in America could top out at ten bucks a gallon:
While $7-$10 a gallon would be ground-breaking in America, these prices would not be trendsetting internationally. For example, European drivers are already shelling out $9 a gallon (which includes a $2-a-gallon tax).
Wow, did this ever remind me of something I wrote last week! What BS! Drivers in Saudi Arabia are paying less than a dollar a gallon... shouldn't they be the example we hold ourselves up to?

Time to mothball your gas guzzlers... these "hard times" remind me of an old episode of the Jetsons where the maintenance dude keeps an old-fashioned "car" (like the ones we drive) under a tarp in the parking garage as a "keepsake." Time after time, America (at the hands of the oil barons) has thrown away technology that would have prevented oil from becoming the cancer it is now, eating away at the heart of our economy.

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Televisiontraci said...

It's a sad day when your car choice is based not on your style or your preference but on which one gets the best gas mileage. I bought two new cars in the past 24 months and both were my 2nd or 3rd choice but I couldn't justify the gas guzzlers I really wanted with the price of gas rising uncontrolably! Now I drive two "sensible" vehicles. What is this world coming to :-)

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