Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Continuing Insignificance of the U.S. Dollar

Have you checked your FOOD BILL lately? You can thank "Big Oil" and it's new best friend, ETHANOL for the big jump in prices! (Soon, we may have to go hunting to feed our families!)

The erosion of the Dollar and the danger it will be replaced by the Euro as the currency of choice among nations is gathering world news attention, especially since word of the Rice Shortage began to spread. Today I purchased a 20 pound sack of rice at an Albany, NY area supermarket for $7.99 - how much longer will I be able to do that?

The cause of the erosion of the dollar is the cause of the rice crisis is the cause of what is now being suddenly touted as a full-fledged "Global Food Crisis" - demand for oil, gasoline... whenever the prices rise at ameican gas pumps, local TV stations in major cities send reporters out to the service stations to capture motorists' reactions to the fuel price increases. Every time they get the same reaction: a bunch of idiot drivers yuk-yuk-yukking and smiling and saying "duh, I guess we'll just have to pay it." Gues what, dummies? The big oil company executives are sitting home watching YOU on their $3000 HDTV's, laughing not with you but AT you. As oil companies continue turning record profits, they'll put the screws to you until the price of a gallon gas goes up to 5 dollars and beyond. YOU PEOPLE JUST DON'T GET IT!
The more you act like stupid "aw shucks, we just have to pay it" imbeciles, the more you are going to be made to pay. The TV newspeople are doing America a great disservice and helping big oil by airing this trash. You folks need to find gas pumpers who are fed up and ready to bike or walk or take the bus.

Don't believe all that s**t about Europeans having to pay $6 a gallon so we will too... that's like someone telling us certain Africans are starving so must starve too... Europe is Europe, Africa is Africa, the U.S. is the U.S. get it?

America blew TWO seperate chances, one in the early 1900s, the other rather recently to get off the oil merry-go-round... [For those of you haven’t seen the film Who Killed the Electric Car , the premise is quite simple and by the looks of things, it’s a premise that could repeat itself in the next decade or so. read more... »] I take that back. We didn't blow anything: we simply rolled over, yuk-yukked and let big oil take care of everything. Big mistake.

From the "They Said I was Nuts" department:

I've blogged in the past (and once discussed on my old radio program) about how General Motors got us into our modern transportation mess by making sure the US trolley system died, much the same way GM made sure all of the EV1 electric cars were junked. In 2006, Edwin Black's four-part investigative series "Hitler's Carmaker" appeared locally in The Jewish World newspaper. It tells how it all went down. The accompanying photograph of Hitler was one of several in a series of booklets given to German citizens in return for donations to Nazi charity Winterhilfswerk. The booklets came with strings so they could be hung on the Christmas tree! For what it's worth, General Motors issued a response to the JTA investigation.

GM was playing both ends to the middle in the 1930s and 1940s. While GM was busy getting wheels under Hitlers's Third Reich, here at home GM was hatching a lucrative criminal conspiracy to undermine electric mass transit in dozens of American cities.
The war in Europe had only been over for 16 months when on October 2, 1946, a memo from the Department of Justice landed on the desk of J. Edgar Hoover, outlining the elements of the GM conspiracy.

At the center of the conspiracy was National City Lines, an Enronesque company that suddenly arose in 1937, ostensibly run by five barely educated Minnesota bus drivers, the Fitzgerald brothers. Yet the Fitzgeralds miraculously marshaled millions of dollars to buy up one failing trolley system after another. Soon, through a patchwork of subsidiaries, the brothers owned or controlled transit systems in more than 40 cities. Generally, when National City Lines acquired the system, the tracks were pulled from the street, the beloved electric trolleys were trashed or burned, and the whole system was replaced with more expensive, unpopular and environmentally hazardous motor buses that helped addict America to oil.

The Justice Department discovered that National City Lines was just a front company for General Motors, in league with Mack Truck, Phillips Petroleum, Standard Oil of California and Firestone Tires - all petroleum interests. The companies became the major preferred stockholders of National City Lines, but operated behind the scenes.

The scheme worked this way: The manufacturers purchased NCL preferred stock to acquire transit lines on condition that when the systems were acquired, the trolleys would be dismantled and replaced with motor buses. That is exactly what happened. All the conspirators gained immensely when non-polluting electric systems were replaced by oil-burners. Phillips and Standard sold oil products. Firestone sold the tires. GM and Mack divvied up the bus manufacturing and sales market according to an agreed-upon formula.

Transit systems in 16 states were converted, adversely affecting millions of Americans, who had to pay higher fares for lesser, more unpopular service. Dozens more cities were targeted in the $9.5m. scheme.
The series is available online:

Hitler's carmaker (Part I), (Part II), (Part III), (Part IV)

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  1. You left out the importance of bioheat. If everyone that currently uses oil to heat their homes switched to a B5 blend of oil, they would conserve about 400 millions gallons of regular household heating oil. Now that's conservation. Imagine that. Working with NORA I was able to research heating alternatives and have decided to make the switch myself.

    Check out this site I found for more info on bioheat:


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