Saturday, May 31, 2008

O Kimbo!

I was following his career long before he showed up on your radar: KIMBO!

What do you say about a guy like Kimbo? From homeless to youtube attraction to ESPN Cover to TV star... that's a jump! He did it his way, and you gotta respect him for that! Sort of a 21st Century Mr. T, Kimbo Slice fights tonight on CBS. Fights. THE Fights, 21st Century Style!
Kimbo Slice—real name Kevin Ferguson—was homeless 14 years ago. He lived out of a green, 1987 Pathfinder that had four mismatched tires. He taped plastic bags to the shattered window to keep most of the rain out. He bathed in the ocean and pools and went to the bathroom wherever he could. He was too proud to live with his mother but not too proud to wash the cars of strangers when he got turned down for menial jobs. And that mind of his—the one that has surprised the CBS suits trying to morph him into an MMA star, that convinced them to sign him for MMA's network debut on May 31—drowned in shame.

It hadn't always been so. Two years earlier, in 1992, Ferguson had been a middle linebacker at Miami's Palmetto High with the skill to think college ball. But then Hurricane Andrew blew through South Florida, wrecking Ferguson's home and hopes. Palmetto's season was shortened, and Ferguson's scholarships disappeared. He tried college at Bethune-Cookman but flunked out. By early 1994, he was out on the street. And that time makes the 6'2", 240-pound, 34-year-old badass cry to this day, just thinking about living and dying in the stink of that damn truck.[ESPN Magazine]
The Net is abuzz over Kimbo: Justin Anderson blogs Middle America Embraces Kimbo Slice; Full Tilt Poker features Player's Lounge :: Kimbo Slice; Dare To Gamble writes Kimbo Slice and EliteXC on CBS - Bodog Odds. In the Baltimore Sun: Kimbo Slice, good for the sport, Mixed martial arts blogger Mark Chalifoux believes Slice should be celebrated tonight, as it will be a great night for mixed martial arts (if you missed Mark's interview with CBS announcer Gus Johnson, who's broadcasting the EliteXC event, click here). I wholeheartedly agree, and I'll be watching! Thanks, CBS!

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