Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sex Slavery, Filipino Style

Sex slavery, American style: KNBC Digital 4.4 anchor Mekahlo Medina tracks the FBI's search for Maribel Vasquez, a woman accused of being part of a ruthless ring that lures young innocent girls to Los Angeles with the hopes of a job, then turns them into teenage prostitutes, using "witch doctors" to keep them from escaping.

Click here for a transcript and video of Medina's report... (dialup users: video won't open unless you click on it at the destination page)... now, on to the Phillipines:

Have you ever wondered where pornographic websites get photos? Many of them CLAIM that participants are of legal age, but how do they prove that? CAN they prove that? Here are a few less pictures that will be showing up on the Net:
The Tacloban City Prosecutors’ Office has filed child abuse charges against an American national who was nabbed for cuddling two minors inside a hotel room.

Michael David Vogt was slapped with violation of Section 6 (Attempt to Commit Child Prostitution) of the Republic Act 7610 or the Children Protection Act after he was arrested in his hotel room with two girls aged 16 and 17.

"Other cases mentioned in the affidavit of the victims which includes acts of lasciviousness and rape will follow regular preliminary investigation," said Assistant City Prosecutor Ma. Liza Jorda.

Vogt, however was able to post bail of P80,000 for his temporary liberty but the Prosecutors’ Office was quick to get a hold departure order against him from the court.

The hold-departure order will disallow Vogt to leave the country while the case is pending in court.
Vogt took the concept of "sex tourism" to a new level:
...two girls disclosed that they met Vogt in the Internet through chat sessions in the house of a pimp. When the foreigner visited Tacloban, the pimp brought them to his hotel room.

The girls also admitted that Vogt touched their private parts and took photos of them in exchange for money.

The minors further disclosed that there were 13 of them who frequented Vogt’s room but only the two of them were in the room during the raid. They also said the American was deciding who to marry from their group.
WoW! The groom from hell...

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  1. i am an american that investigates charges and so far thru investigation and signed statements from the girls involved none of these accusations are true how ever it is true that the nbi here in pi has arrested the american metioned but also extorted over $20,000 american dollars from him and also to this day keep contacting him for more money and promise they will make this go away i have in my possesion signed statements form all involved and the wire transfer reciepts to the nbi agents and will be turning them over ti ia (internal affairs) of the nbi

  2. I am also an American who was staying in Tacloban City at the time Mr. Vogt was there. There was much talk in the squatter village along Old Road Sagkahan about the many girls, one as young as 11, that were visiting Mr. Vogt at the Leyte Park Resort. According to sources in Sagkahan, Mr. Vogt was providing money and cell phones to the girls. I hope the NBI extorts all the moaney they can get, and THEN locks the bastard up.

  3. spacecase boy your so full of shit i was there 2 time and spoke to and have statements from all the girls that ever had contact with mike so if you dont know the facts dont comment with chismes (gossip ) and hearsay why do all you people try to fry some one if you dont know them ?do you have nothing better to do with your life? the case is being dismissed because of the proof that was presented against the nbi and the proof of inon. that has been provide all the girls that have had contact with mike have stated that they were always treated respectfully by mike and never had any sexual contact with him all contact with him were on a freind only basis

  4. If the charges are being dropped it is only because "Mike" must have bought his way out of it. Everyone in the area knows what was going on. It wasn't mentioned in the news that the "pimp" was gay was it?

    I am not sure why you are defending this guy. But, let's face it, he wasn't having the girls come to his room for friendly chats and everyone there knows it. I wonder how much those statements cost? Pathetic!

  5. the case is being dropped because it was proven it never happened ,that the nbi threatened 2 girls that happen to be the cousins of mikes girlfriend i was there 2 times in tacloban investigating this case and getting depisitions from all the girls and their parents and did you know the parents were also there and no one mentioned this the so called pim who does happen to be gay is a family member of the girls in question all the girls that went to his hotel happened to be family of his girl friend like i mentioned and deny anything happened they were nnot offered money for their statemenys no one was bought off if you would like to see the papers from everything then look at your my space and see who visited you then send me a mess there and we can talk more specific so you will see you are totaly wrong

  6. ive been following this case since it started, and its pretty obvious that this is just made only to make money, and yes, they are getting much money from this american man.. poor on my fellow filipinos and some government officials who have such greedy, gold-digger attitude, that will ruin life and put others life in misery just to gain some cash.. well gladly informing anyone that this case is now extorted and proven that the accusations are not true and never happened.. MICHAEL VOGT is innocent from this said case..


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