Thursday, July 24, 2008

Around The Blogosphere 24 July 08

Verizon wants to make you a Bollywood star with a Dancejam-like competition where the winner wins a trip to India and a chance to be in a Bollywood movie...

Ambiome[Dot]Net: Big Brother is watching you

DANWEI reprints an article from Music 2.0 blog on Baidu's strategy in conquering the music industry.

Hollywood Undead (a band that has never performed live, has been chosen by MySpace fans to headline the Virgin Mobile Fest)

Elyani's Place writes about how some Indonesians are warding off ghosts in haunted houses.

Disturbing Photography:

Marie Joy posts pictures of African Albinos on E.X.P.O.S.E.D. and we've found a BBC albino story that will drive the color right out of your bones.

The Massgraves in Iraq = victims of Saddam's Regime

The Wonderland of Mia Mäkilä offers us The mummies of Vác (18th century Hungary)

Here's a snapshot of a pair of newlyweds...

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