Thursday, July 31, 2008

Around The Blogosphere 31 July 08

What is a blog?

Hyejin Kim: We all know about the ‘wave’ at sporting events. You stand up and down following strangers the behind or front, or left or right sides around you. Now the ‘blog wave’ is popular in Korea. A blogger or portal site suggests an idea and starts riding the ‘blog wave.’ This time, a blogger started the sentence, “To me, a blog is _______” and tossed it to the next blogger. How do people think about blogs? How many blogs are "out there?"

What are blogs communicating today?

Topicwise, it's "the usual cast of characters" - politics, race, the environment, celebrities and music!

Miss Info posts Uh oh: Ludacris and Obama…..a miscommunication : "Ludacris went hard for his favorite presidential candidate… maybe a bit too hard."

Dallas Penn tackles GHETTO EUTHANASIA… : "When I first heard this term ‘euthanasia’ mentioned it was in relation to the practice of mainland Chinese parents terminating their newborn female children..."

Michelle Malkin posts what she calls an "Enviro-nitwit alert" : Seattle’s planet-saving plan: Jump rope, draw chalk art

Blogs change boundaries for US news

Stop the blogs I want to jump off! Seems to be what blogger LaShawn Barber is communicating in her article posted on La Shawn Barber's Corner entitled No Air: Rissi v. Jordin

Geoffrey Philp's Blog Spot presents Black Inventors, Crafting Over Two Hundred Years of Success

TV's loss is Blogosphere's gain as Roger Ebert continued to write reviews for the Chicago Sun-Times and this year began blogging on the newspaper's Web site.

Ambiome[Dot]Net : J’ai retrouvé mon tapis de sol, ça va être bien plus pratique maintenant "Ca m’apprendra à vouloir ranger des trucs bien au fond de mon dressing, là où rien n’est accessible facilement, mais on va pas se plaindre puisque maintena..."

Spanish YouTube channel Pinofas has created a novel project: it's an hero adventure quest live-action game that takes advantage of the new tagging, linking and commenting capabilities that YouTube has implemented, called Tube Adventure.

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3 comments: said...

Thanks for the link, Dave!

It' sometimes unfortunate that race gets thrown into the mix, but one of the main reasons why my blog exists is because "main stream media" both in the Caribbean and South Florida have ignored the work of some incredible writers who live and work in these regions.

Some of the writers who were featured on my blog a few years ago have now been picked up by the "main stream media" (Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Preston Allen), but for the most part, minority writers and publishers are now turning to little blogs like mine to get the word out about their books.

As I've often said on the blog, I don't believe in playing the victim and saying, "Oh, poor me."

Action is more important than whining, and if race comes out as part of "the usual cast of characters" then, so be it.


Dave Lucas said...

Race is very important within this post's "usual cast of characters" as it has become a core issue: time has come today to RESOLVE it. Either we are going to look beyond race or admit that we cannot. Personally, I think diversity is a wondrous thing...

:) said...

I couldn't agree more.

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