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Hottest Blogging Babes to Watch for the rest of 2008 [Revised]

UPDATE! NEW list for 2010!

Here we are: 2008 half over. Wonder how the 10 Hottest Blogging Babes to Watch in 2008 are doing? Time for an UPDATE!!!

Holding steady at #10 - KIMBERLY!

At the beginning of 2008, Wendy Cheng / XiaXue was seemingly disinterested in blogging. (I said she might possibly vanish the way Ambra Nykola did... boy was I wrong! More on that below...) Malaysia's own Kimberlycun continues to crank out top-notch material. She blogs: "Once upon a time, a palm reader said that I was fickle minded and had an innate hunger for power. Duh, I'm a woman, hello? "

A bit of a tumble from #3 to #9 for Shoko-Tan: Shoko-tan’s blog. Shōko Nakagawa (中川翔子 Nakagawa Shōko) is another Japanese entertainer turned blogger. Her official blog, Shokotan * Blog, opened in 2004, and by April 2006 it had received a total of 100 million hits. She reportedly racks up 100 million pageviews per month! As one might expect from her personality, there are very many otaku-style entries, and she updates it extremely regularly, perhaps because of a compulsive streak in her personality, or perhaps, as she admitted in an interview, because she uses it as a kind of notepad. In the month of April 2005, there were 600 updates, and on January 28, 2006, there were 70 updates, a record number for a single day. It is likely that she holds the record for the greatest number of blog updates by an idol. She has become known as the "New Queen of the Blog", after the original "Queen of the Blog", Kaori Manabe. Due to her blog's popularity, in September 2005, Koma Books released a compilation of her blog entries, also entitled Shokotan * Blog. Shoko is also known for loving cosplay, and buys up many clothes at auction.

Falling from #2 to #8, Tila Tequila aka Tila Nguyen, the self-proclaimed "MySpace sex symbol" has done everything she can think of to get noticed! I can't help but suspect that Tina saw what XiaXue was able to accomplish via blogging, and kicked it up a buncha notches! But just like the porn she dabbled in, red-hot Tila quickly cooled off. She's still doing her thing, but I think this is her last appearance in the Hottest 10!

Dawn Yang - the way Wendy Cheng tells it on her blog, XiaXue, Dawn Yang or Yeo or whatever she calls herself at the moment performed a bit of virtual identify theft. Dawn became a follower of one Arissa Luna, commenting on the latter's blog, then retreating to go under the knife to try to capture the Luna look... that's a "before and after" snapshot at left...
Related Blogs: dawn_wayang's Xanga

Here's a TIE - LaShawn Barber and Michelle Malkin! LaShawn is truly amazing! Around Dec-Jan she tried to steer her highly regarded popular political blog "LaShawn Barbere's Corner" toward music and entertainment. Just recently, she began swinging back toward politics. I hope she finds a happy medium, which is what I've tried to do with my blog. I write about everything that interests ME, and hopefully some of it will interest YOU. Incidentally, last Hot10 LaShawn was TIED for #8! Go figure - guess she likes company!

Michelle came in #11 last time (so she didn't show up on the Hot 10) - having said that, I must point out that her blog is, as is Xu Jinglei's blog, "heavily read, heavily hit, always - every day." Michelle Malkin racks up huge numbers of visitors every single day! XiaXue attracted huge numbers catfighting, but at the beginning of the year Wendy's blog was in a slump. We all get "tired of blogging" every now and then and in Dec-Jan I guess it was XiaXue's turn!

I got plenty of accusations that I was "favoring Asian women" which is not true: look at the numbers. Look at Technorati, look at the Hot 100 blogs. XiaXue is as different from Michelle Malkin as the two of them together are from Miss Info as all three of them are from Xu Jinglei. It's the way the cookie crumbled this time around.

Albany's answer to the "Gossip Girl" - Liz Benjamin
Liz Benjamin is to New York as Michelle Malkin is to the USA: when it comes to politics at the State Capitol, Liz has all the news, views and interviews! Just as the Metroland photo is black and white, Liz reports the facts, just like that, in black and white!

Minya Oh, aka Miss Info - Formerly a writer and reporter for BET, Chicago native Miss Info made a name for herself as an on-air radio personality at the New York hip hop and R&B station Hot 97. Whether on radio, on television, or in magazine, Miss. Info is making a blend of wit, news, and good ol' gossip her multi-media trademark. Minya is a regular castmember of VH1's top-rated weekly pop-culture show "Best Week Ever," has appeared on Ego Trip's "Race-o-Rama" series, and launched her own monthly advice column, "Ask Miss Info" in Vibe Magazine. Her first book, the colorful hip hop fashion history book, Bling Bling: Hip Hop's Crown Jewels, is available from Rolling Stone/Hyperion Press.

She was our #1: Chinese actress Xu Jinglei. Xu Jinglei made news when she appeared on Technorati (which has been screwed up ever since it allowed MySpace pages to place in the rankings as "blogs" when they clearly are not, but that's another story, and Technorati remains "broken.") Look for the link to her blog in my sidebar's blogroll.

Rapping & writing her way from #9 all the way up to #2 Gen-Si ... I admit I wondered if the French rapper would continue blogging as her career began to blossom - Nothing to fear! Gen-Si's career is on the right track, and so's her blog! The French rapper made the cut because (a) she's talented, gorgeous and (b) had the courage to upload her career in progress, text, pictures, mp3s and videos. Although that busy career keeps her from updating her blog as frequently as she'd like, look for MORE great stuff from Gen-Si in 2008.

Back at the top (catfighting aside) - XiaXue blog is once again the blog to read in Singapore and beyond! It is apparent that XiaXue : Wendy Cheng has her groove back in spades! Earlier today I posted an article about the Dawn Yang thing, which you can get background on here.

Blogospherians are all fired up over this: try here, here and here.

Something tells me this little "war" will soon hit Singaporean media, either TV, newspapers or both... stay glued to your computers!

Has Isabella Chen left the Blogosphere 4ever?!!! Miss Izzy - conspicuous by her absence on the blogging scene, was our old #4 but since has moved off the chart entirely. Now this was something we didn't see coming! Here's what I wrote about her back at the beginning of the year: Miss Izzy aka Isabella Chen aka Sarong Party Girl is "explicit material" personified: a cute bundle of sweet and sour, an angel who might just tread on everyman's soul. What I like the best about Izzy is her honesty, and the way she made her mark on the blogosphere. Always a serious player, this philosopher-nymph hybrid shares her enjoyment of life, arts and the art of life with anyone who clicks on her weblog! Hope she'll be back soon...

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