Saturday, July 26, 2008

The "Lost" XiaXue Posts

Dawn Yang's MAXIM cover (and a cover story) appear on Blog XXvsDY - mouse over and click on the picture!

XiaXue Deleted? Yes, deleted - but saved by XXvsDY, where you can view screenshots of deleted posts! Check out XXvsDY's sidebar for polls and other info: be sure to check out the C-Box for up-to-the-minute comments and links from readers!

What Happened: a blog war broke out in Singapore when Wendy Cheng posted unflattering articles about fellow-Singaporean blogger Dawn Yang / Yeo. Dawn threatened to sue Xiaxue over a now deleted entry but it seems that Xiaxue is not backing down. Meow!

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acsirp writes "I got shortlisted for an audition to be Xiaxue's BFF."
The most popular Singapore websites
Dawn Yang should be worried about Triads, not Xiaxue.

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shanewei said...

Hi Dave, i googled the net and read all the happenings yesterday and there's a link to your page. I felt sorry for the girl (DY) but i felt even more for her mother.

In XX vs DY, victim is DY's mother.

As a mother myself, i truly feel for the older Yang.

Gilles Desforges said...

Hello Dave !
Please, comme have a look on my new Revue and, please, change the link you have from here to leMonde.
No Monde anymore, d'accord ?
Merci !

Gilles for, of course Olivier SC of Bloguer ou ne pas bloguer now here :

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