Friday, July 04, 2008

XiaXue vs. Dawn Yang: It's WAR!

Happy times are now a distant memory for Dawn and Wendy.

Happy 4th of July! Wanna see some FIREWORKS? The number one search category on Technorati today is XIAXUE! What has Wendy Cheng done to deserve T'rati's highest honor? The first lady of blogging has re-engaged blogging's plastic surgery poster gal Dawn Yang in a battle of epic proportions! Here's a little background... now before you go on, read all about how close Dawn Yang came to being involved in the Edison Chen Sex Scandal - she even has an "Edison Toy!"

Xiaxue vs. Dawn Yang - the catfight continues! In order to fully appreciate and completely understand just what the heck is going on here, you need to visit Xiaxue and dawn Yang's blogs... you should also revisit the plastic surgery issue...

THE MOST AMAZING REVELATION regarding Dawn Yang comes via Xiaxue - but you'll have to go to Xiaxue's blog to read it - it's something seen now and again in the entertainment business - IMITATION IS THE SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY, BUT NOT WHEN IT BECOMES OBSESSION!


The postcard reads that Dawn usurped me as the hottest blogger in Singapore!

As I have proven in that blog entry, there is no quantifiable measurement of "hotness", and therefore I cannot be usurped!

Who gave them this statement to put into the postcard?

Perhaps it was somebody who keeps harping on this "hottest blogger" title?

I do not think I was being spiteful at all. (More on Wendy's blog!)

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