Sunday, August 31, 2008


Here are the 5 blogs I have chosen to be featured for Blog Day. All of them have an artistic theme! If you love original artwork, click on over to view Evelyn Dumont Illustratice Colors of Poulili - I especially like the paintings on book pages (just go there!)

New blogs can mean new friends! Blogspot itself could almost be classified as a "social network!"

According to DRuci is the blog of Carolina Crespo of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Un Respiro Para El Alma comes to the blogosphere by way of Gigi German

Also check out Critiqart Guadeloupe from Mycho in Abymes, Guadeloupe and Liz Webster's crafts blog!

I feel 2008 is a great year to shine the spotlight on artistic blogs! Have a look at my Blog Day 2007 post, here!

BlogDay founder Nir Ofir in this short clip will be part of an upcoming segment on Cyber Sapiens: Blog Day 2008 on Cyber Sapiens

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Blog Action Day Reminder

October 15th rings in this year’s blog action day.Please head over to, register your blogs, watch the new video, and explore the new site!

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Yours is wonderful and one of my top 5! ;)

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