Thursday, September 25, 2008

Around The Blogosphere 25 September 08

Kotite's Corner has compiled a comprehensive list of the best fictional movies referenced in Seinfeld. Of course, two of the greatest movies of all time are also part of Seinfeld lore: "Schindler's List" and "Plan 9 From Outer Space."

Microsoft announced it was moving away from its commercials featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld just two weeks after unveiling the baffling teaser ads. Although the Seinfeld spots were so short-lived that they might be dubbed a failure—particularly since Seinfeld’s deal with Microsoft is rumored to be worth $10 million—Microsoft and ad agency Crispin Porter claimed that the teasers did what they set out to do.

New: MUFFIN - a small toolbar at the bottom of your web browser that allows you to read all the blogs that you follow on a regular basis, without having to open new windows or frames. Muffin doesn't intrude on the blogs originality; it's look, links, comments or ads. By using frame technology combined with AJAX, the user can keep the toolbar while reading the blog. ...:::Details:::...

Xujun Eberlein from Inside-Out China discusses
the morality crisis happening in China. And whether a new ideology can solve the problem... An illegitimate girl of primary-school age in Zhuhai , South China, was turned away by the local schools, because her mother is not able to afford the hefty fine for illegitimacy, according to sohu blogger Han Tao’s report .

Japanese blogger and author Chiki Seijo scans an educational manga book he stumbled on at an eco cafe [ja] that teaches children good dietary habits with incredibly frank visual messages and storylines, emphasizing the danger of fast food and the value of eating rice, among other things. Webpage of the company that produces the books (with more info) is here [ja].

In the West Bank, Alajnabiya describes shopping for her daughter's wedding: “The problem is that I like looking at this stuff, but I really want to buy it and hang it on the wall to look at, not wear!”

And one more about marriage: In Before I Did, TD Jakes' daughter Sarah offers a look at marriage from her own perspective as a newlywed!

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alajnabiya said...

Thank you for linking to me. I am amazed to find my little rant listed in such a eclectic assortment of recommendations. There are a lot of interesting other links here I will be checking out too.

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