Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MediaWatch 29 October 08

ABC will air "Pushing Daisies" in its usual time period tonight -- not the Barack Obama ad. In an abcnews.go article entitled "Media's Presidential Bias and Decline," columnist Michael Malone looks at "slanted" U.S. election coverage.

Keeping up with Barack Obama -

Bishop blasts Joe Biden: "The teaching of the Church is clear and not open to debate."

Remember Hillary? Mrs. Clinton's failed presidential bid may have kept her away from New York for weeks on end, but that hasn't hurt her standing here at home - far from it in fact, according to a new Marist Poll.

Remember "Night of the Living Dead?" 2008 marks the picture's 40th anniversary.

I gotta admit - I'm hooked - on Gossip Girl - the CW show appears Monday nights on every TV set in my house - CW is doing SOMETHING right - the CBS/WB-backed network is racking up ratings.

Radio talk show host Glenn Beck will be in the Syracuse suburb of DeWitt on November 15th, as part of his “Helicopter Tour” to visit 50 cities in six weeks. He’ll be signing copies of his newest book, The Christmas Sweater. [More...]

It happened Monday morning - the unthinkable: the hosted blogging platform of choice for sites ranging from CNN to Scobelizer--so it's a big deal when goes down.

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Gilles Desforges said...

So, for you, Dave : Oboma or not Obama ?
Comme to tell me on my blog ;)

Olivier SC
Bloguer ou ne pas bloguer

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