Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Video and mp3 Gift Suggestions

The GPX ML638B

If you've been shopping already (or just reading the sales fliers) you've noticed how much the various mp3 players and VIDEO players (like the GPX ML638B) have come DoWn in price. Today I purchased an mp3 player for $9.99 and a pair of GPX to give as gifts for $19.99!
Looking to give the Gift of Music? Look Hereand also here!
The best thing about these gizmos is: you don't need to join iTunes or go through a bunch of complicated crap to load up your players with music and / or video! If you refer to my article about the GLX, you'll have all you need to really get the most out of your player!

Elsewhere I have posted complete instructions on how to download and convert videos, including youtube video to mp3 conversions!

Here's yet another tool to convert youtube videos to other formats: VIXY - Online Video Converter - with both online and downloadable versions! Screenshot:

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